Tuesday, August 05, 2008

LAPD’s Century City, Pamela Fayed Murder Investigation Continues…

Century City, CA--With yesterdays bail hearing revelations prosecutors made it abundantly clear that police believe that James Fayed used the services of another person in a conspiracy to kill is estranged wife Pamela Fayed.

The LAPD has surveillance video showing the murder car as well as its driver who is believed to be Pamela Fayed’s killer. Apparently they have been unable to locate the actual killer, so far.

It is believed the killer may have fled the country. Because this is a capital case, extradition will never happen unless and until American prosecutors agree not to seek the death penalty. Most civilized countries won’t return suspects facing death sentences.

I’m trying to learn if the rented murder car was ever returned and if so who returned it. There must be documents and video surveillance recording to examine at the Avis car rental facility that will prove who conducted the rental transaction.

If police recovered the car before it was washed, valuable DNA evidence belonging to the killer was most likely already found.

DNA, document and fingerprint evidence cannot be fully analyzed by crime labs as quickly as TV crime shows would lead people to believe. Often it takes weeks and even months to get results.

Police will only identify a wanted murder suspect when they run out of expedient ways of capturing him. Police are running out of time here. I fully expect police to quickly either make an arrest or publicly name a second Person of Interest.

Yesterday’s bail hearing revelations may have caused a minor setback for LAPD detectives by alerting a killer to stay further underground.

Like I reported earlier the killer may well be able to obtain complete immunity from prosecution if he can get a lawyer to arrange that deal in exchange for testimony that could put James Fayed on California’s Death Row.

Prosecutors are always willing to make a deal with the devil.

Updated! Click here for the very latest information on this investigation

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