Monday, August 04, 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen Has A Brain Or At Least A Good Lawyer

New York—Rebuffing federal agents is always a good idea when they bring you questions. Anyone no matter who innocent or uninvolved in a matter under investigation needs to always demand immunity before saying anything at all.

Actor Heath Ledger is dead because of his own careless use of dangerous drugs, most of them prescribed. Mary-Kate Olsen reportedly was close to Ledger and became an obvious target for federal investigator’s questions.

The biggest problem with talking with the federal officers is that if you tell a lie or perhaps are mistaken you will get a vacation just like Martha Stewart and that’s not a good thing.

Mary-Kate Olsen should not suffer the wrath of malicious gossip for her following the advice of her lawyer, Michael Miller. If the government needs Olsen to answer questions they can give her immunity from prosecution or skip the questioning altogether.

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Anonymous said...

Why are the feds involved in this case??