Saturday, August 23, 2008

It’s Time For Some Entertainment On Crimefile!

I’ve been a fan of Crystal Gayle for 30 years. I first saw her in person at a front table in Dale Niedermaier’s, Park West Theater in Chicago in early October of 1979. (Thanks Dale!)

She was as good as it could get for me. Then one Saturday morning I met this great lady in the Phoenix, Arizona, KTVK-TV newsroom in early 1998. I spent about 20 minutes chatting with her trying to keep my composure. I’m sure this old investigator came off sounding like a nervous Porky Pig. I told her my very favorite song she ever sang was Someday Soon.

When Crysral left I held the car door for her and her sister, Peggy. I watched her as she took her really long hair and carefully wrapped it around her hand so it would not get caught on anything as she got in the car.

The songbird also gave me two tickets to see her at the ASU Sundome in Sun City. The second song in her show that night was Someday Soon. She rocked. I saw her afterwards and got to thank her and got a hug. What a gal!

Here is a clip of her from 1979 singing Someday Soon.!

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Ruff n Purr said...

Nice story. Always loved that song but always thought it was someone else...Maybe a folk singer - Joan Baez???

Not a big Crystal Gayle fan but that could be because I haven't heard a lot of her music although I loved "Don't it make my brown eyes blue". It made the music charts way back when I was in high school in London.