Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What’s In The LAPD Oven For James Fayed?

Los Angeles—James Fayed is only currently charged with a low grade Federal felony crime. Upon conviction he cannot get more than five years in prison. The offense may only warrant probation.

The rub here is he is the high-profile suspect of the hour in the brutal stabbing of his estranged wife Pamela Fayed. He was marked as a suspect in a contract killing of his wife by the federal prosecutor. The fact is without actual charges of murder this is a baseless argument to deny Fayed his right to bail.

The Eighth Amendment in our Bill of Rights must prevail as it was written, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

Using an argument that the accused may flee because he may be charged with an unrelated crime is beyond weak. The government can’t hold people on charges not yet filed in court. The government’s appeal did buy the LAPD time that is until today. The clock is running out with zero likelihood that bail will be denied or even increased.

The LAPD will have to pull a rabbit out of the hat in order to obtain a murder arrest warrant to hold Fayed in jail longer. I suspect that magic LAPD rabbit will appear sometime today. We will see.

If Fayed is charged with murder he will be swiftly transferred from the rather homey Federal Detention Center to the Spartan surroundings of the L.A. County Central Jail.

The government did file a document to supplement their position that gives additional information about the murder of Pamela Fayed that can be viewed right here:
Read this document on Scribd: Fayed - detention mot[1]

Updated! Click here for the very latest information on this investigation

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