Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Latest Legal Outrage In L.A.

They just don’t get it in Los Angeles. Giving aid and comfort to illegal aliens is a crime and now they are forcing private businesses to facilitate the transgressions by the border jumpers.

The home improvement stores attract a labor pool of illegal Hispanic laborers who work in the sprawling cash underground. The invaders congregate in the parking lots, hawking for potential employers who will pay them for all manner of construction jobs. The illegal labor force has become a major nuisance to local residents who find the trespassers defecating in their yards and leaving mountains of trash.

Rather than having the police enforce trespassing laws the L.A. City Council today have made it law that the large home improvement stores must build shelters with free drinking water and bathroom facilities for this unlawful activity.

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Ed Skinner said...

Look on the bright side: when CA finally gets its own version of Sheriff Joe Arpaio (AZ), those shelters will make it easier to round up the illegals for the bus ride back to the border.