Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When A Prosecution Expert Witness Lies Under Oath To A Jury…

A life without parole sentence stemming from a guilty verdict against Andrea Yates for drowning her own five sons was overturned because a government expert witness lied under oath. The request for new trial could have gone either way but for a fair-minded ruling that gave this case to a new and untainted Houston, Texas jury.

The second verdict speaks for itself. I can’t imagine anybody thinking what Andrea Yates did was not a clear and solid sign of total madness. The poor woman was bonkers and being punished for what she had no control over. Justice was done today. Get well Andrea.

As for the perjuring expert witness, when will his perjury prosecution begin?


Anonymous said...

I'm in the vast minority that thinks this verdict was just too. I don't think she could help it, she's nuts.

Danny Del Rossi said...

I have always thought that Rusty Yates held some responsibility for this tragedy. His keeping her in a constant state of pregnancy, making her live in a converted bus and being involved with a religious nut job, surely didn't help her depression. He needs a good thrashing at least..