Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Florida is the Poster Child?

It was always with great contempt that gun-rights hating maven, Sarah Brady referred to Florida as the Concealed Weapon Poster Child. Today Florida has the lowest crime rate since 1971 with many more guns, but now they are also in the concealed holsters of thousands of law-abiding citizens.

Poster child? How about a role model for the entire world on the subject of violent crime and gun bans.

When is California, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey and Illinois going to learn from this really good example?

Here’s what Governor Jeb Bush had to say about that!


Anonymous said...

Illinois never will. Well, not until we get rid of the democratic, antiquated, Daly machine types.

leomemorial said...

In 1996, we had the St Petersburg riots rumored to be started by the UHURU group. When the individuals throwing the molotv cocktails, burning down home and businesses started heading to north St Pete., the predominately white homeowners greeted them outside their homes, registered guns drawn.

The goofs retreated...

Anonymous said...

JEB, 2008!