Sunday, July 09, 2006

Canada The Safe Haven For Cowards

I thoroughly understand how anyone could take exception for America’s non-stop intrigue in world affairs. We’ve taken on the role of world cop as we meddle in the business of every other country.

Myself, I believe in the Swiss style of conflict avoidance. The Swiss can be trusted to hold the cash and spoils of the combatants from any side while they destroy each other. The Swiss have a proven winning formula for peace and prosperity.

America is the land of ambitious politicians that seem to have a gift for sending our children of to die in wars in these foreign lands. Failure of these conflicts has been the norm for our country from the Korean Conflict forward to Viet Nam and now Iraq. Our politicians never seem to be able to muster the resolve to win the battles they start.

Being an American forces a necessary amount of loyalty and tenacity to support the policies of those we elect. That means serving in our armed forces in order to protect the way of life here as well as right all wrongs in the world.

We’ve eliminated the draft and every soldier is inducted by choice. To enter the armed forces you must be sane and take an oath to protect and defend your country. While in the armed forces you must follow all lawful orders and perform your soldierly duties. Some of the volunteers are true cowards that suddenly claim to have become pacifists and such.

Oh Canada! You’ve opened your arms for all of our cowards refusing to extradite them to our criminal justice system. Canada you’ve not done yourself any favors since these cowards are losers that will contribute nothing and take everything your taxpayers will give them. Canada can you please end all extradition while you’re at it? Our child molesters, rapists and killers would like that very much and you deserve their company too.

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