Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Rocketboom Video Blogging Money Tree Phenomenon

I found the technical side to video blooging to be simple. The cost of the equipment to do this is really cheap these days.

On Crime, Guns and Video Tape, I hope I have content my audience enjoys. The promotion side of my blog needs serious help.

I was too busy to notice a quirky three-minute daily video blog, that has taken the nation by storm. With a cute actress, a TV set no fancier than a kid’s lemonade stand and real attitude, they’ve been grossing as much as $80,000.00 per week!

What got my attention and perhaps a million other folks was the ingenious publicity stunt of the site’s star and 49% owner Amanda Congdon. Congdon quit the show in an alleged dispute with her partner. That got national mainstream publicity that will bring in droves of new viewers and revenue.

MSNBC Story about Congdon’s departure.

Amanda Condon’s new replacement is here!

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Anonymous said...

The replacement whose video you showed just does not ring my bell for some reason...

Bring back Amanda:(