Tuesday, July 18, 2006

L.A. Gun Laws Are Really Effective, And Other Lies

I just received another press release from the L.A. County District Attorney’s office. This demonstrates why gun laws only punish the law abiding. Thugs like this fugitive don’t spend much time worrying about the technicalities and intricacies of the 20,000 gun laws in our country.

Just trying to understand why this predator was roaming the streets will make your blood run cold. You will also see that this monster was one of those "Guest Workers" that we allowed to violate our borders more than once.

It's time to learn that we need to lock up the criminals, not the law abiding folk’s rights to carry handguns for legitimate self-defense. This deadly creep is yet another reason why Americans need their Constitutional Rights to keep and bear arms. The Liberals in La La Land are obviously to stupid to learn that fact.

Here's the DA's press release text:
July 18, 2006

Charges Filed Against Fugitive Gang Member Accused Of Wounding Two Little Boys.

LOS ANGELES -- The District Attorney's Hardcore Gang Division filed criminal charges today against a fugitive gang member accused of shooting and wounding two little boys in Boyle Heights over the weekend.

The complaint (BA 306052) was filed as an arrest warrant against Mauricio A. Jimenez, 26 (dob 8-10-1979). He remains at large and has been the subject of a widely published Los Angeles Police Department manhunt.

Jimenez was charged with three counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm. Two of the victims, Jeremy Hernandez, 3, and his 6-year-old brother, James, were hit by the gunfire. They were hospitalized, but are expected to survive.

A third victim, an adult, was listed in the complaint, but there was no indication he was hit by the gunfire.

Jimenez additionally was charged with discharge of a firearm with gross negligence and possession of a firearm by a felon with two prior convictions. A misdemeanor count of brandishing a firearm also was charged.

The complaint alleged the defendant personally used a firearm to commit the crimes. It also alleged that the crimes were connected to street gang activity and that one of the victims, Jeremy, was under the age of five. It was alleged that both children suffered great bodily injury.

If convicted, the defendant would face a maximum state prison sentence of more than 30 years. Bail of $1 million was recommended.

The shooting occurred Saturday night when a gunman fired toward a crowd in the 400 block of North St. Louis Street. Police at a news conference Sunday identified the suspect as Jimenez, who they said is a member of a Boyle Heights street gang.

Authorities said Jimenez was deported to Mexico earlier this year after serving a state prison term for possession of a firearm by felon. That conviction was in case No. BA 277797, and another conviction, case No. BA 247692 for possessing a firearm near a school, were listed in the complaint filed today by Deputy District Attorney Joseph Esposito. A permanent prosecutor will be assigned the case once Jimenez is arrested.


E. David Quammen said...

If convicted and sentenced, I'll bet he does a few months - max. Then he'll be unleashed on the public once again....

Anonymous said...

Just doing jobs that Americans won't do...

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but worth a mention.

The clock on the office wall said 11:30; the lights were low and moody. It was one of those hot sticky nights in this rough town. The sounds of the traffic and the window fan were all that I could hear. I put my .45 on the desk, and peeled open a deck of Luckys.

As the smoke curled up all blue and hazy I put my feet up on the desk and dragged the day old Sun-Times over. I opened up that rag, and on Page 2, I saw it, "WRITER MICKEY SPILLANE DIES."

Well I thought, no matter how hard boiled, death is the great equilizer. Rest easy tough-guy, I think I'll go crack open one of your books that I have at home, on the shelf, with the dust and a half-dead bottle of bourbon.

Anonymous said...

Can't you guys see the racket here. Release the goons to do more and people will want to tighen the laws. More goons, more laws. More BS.

They don't care if these people kill more.. now wait, they do care, that is why they let them out.

It's all a farce to increase the laws, like gun laws. Eventually there will be a total ban in California of guns, like England. Then knives, then martial arts.

The whole reason to release such people is so they can do more crime.