Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Sure Fire Simple Plan To Reduce Crime In America

The government of Mexico is not our friend. Not only do they refuse to help with our border security, they encourage their people to violate our laws and live here. Mexico has exported crime and poverty to the United States for decades. At the same time Mexico does a lousy job of returning our criminals and refuses to extradite fugitive cop killers facing our death penalty.


We can allow huge amounts of our criminals to flee to Mexico. If the criminals are not here we realize huge benefits. The cost of the actual crime, the cost to provide fair trials and the cost of imprisonment has been draining us for decades.

We simply stop seeking extradition of most of our criminals! If they flee to Mexico and stay there we don’t pursue them unless they return. The desperados can live like cock roaches and suffer at the hands of the Mexican penal system when they repeat their crimes. And they will repeat their crimes! This time it won’t be on our soil!

Would some burglar rather sit in some prison or live free in Mexico? The answer is clear!

We publicize the end of extradition for most crimes and the scum will leave us for good. Mexico can be repaid in kind for all their non-cooperation.


John Mosby said...

Why not speed up the process by adding 'Exile' to the sentencing guidelines for convicted felons?

Heck, even give the guy a choice: x-number of years in a US jail, or x-number of years free in Mexico?


Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Exile is very difficult to enforce. I’d rather keep criminals on simple fugitive status with huge penalties if they were captured here.

Mexico does not actively seek their criminals that come here as it is. America is too retribution happy to try this idea.