Monday, July 03, 2006

The Penny And Other Cash Aggravations

People like me are tired of hearing them get sucked up in the vacuum cleaner and wasting space in our lives. Since pennies are money we can’t and won’t throw them away. They become clutter. Inflation may have finally done in the penny. Good riddance. Rather than have to count mine why can’t they just be sold off by weight to save time and needless work?

Government and law enforcement will hate my next money beef. Our government seems to want and demand a cashless society where they can trace the sale of every condom, bicycle, car or lollipop.

Where in Hell are the self-proclaimed privacy advocates on this issue? The only reason we still have any cash at all is because of people with crappy credit. I say thank God for the deadbeats!

The largest currency bill in circulation is the $!00.00 Ben Franklin note. The $500.00 note is at least two decades late in making it’s appearance. Inflation has made it reasonable and necessary.

The people, not bureaucrats and politicians are supposed to be running this country. I ask, where is the demand and outcry? Americans will accept anything the government will dish out.

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Anonymous said...

Hard currency (cash & coins) is going the way of the dinosaur. We'll ALL be slaves to the plastic in our lifetime. It'll make us easier to track and control.George Orwell was only a few decades off.