Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Erin M. Smith Education Fund For Empowering Erin

My pal former TV newsman turned struggling actor Rich Skidmore just lost his brother and is asking for your help to help send to college a wonderful 18-year-old Pittsburgh girl who's lost both of her parents.

On June 29th, Erin Smith's father Gary, age 50, died from injuries he suffered when his motorcycle struck a deer on the Parkway in Pittsburgh. The deer crossed three lanes of traffic, jumped a concrete divider, and crossed two more lanes before reaching Gary's. He was on his way home from one of two jobs he'd taken to pay for Erin's college education.

Several years before this tragedy, another struck the family - Erin's mother, Jean, suffered a stroke at the brain stem while raking leaves in the front yard. Jean lost an arduous six-month battle to survive, passing at age 38.

Her Dad's accident caused Erin to miss her high school graduation ceremony and all the parties and summer fun that follow. Please help make sure she doesn't miss continuing her education at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, where she's enrolled for Fall classes.

At times like this, when seemingly insurmountable challenges arise, good people can step-up and help other good people meet them. Please help us to help Erin meet the challenge before her now!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for giving whatever you can. You're creating good Karma for yourselves, and earning friends who will forever be grateful for your generosity during this most difficult time.

Rich Skidmore is Erin's Godfather.
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