Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The George Zimmerman Trial Is Not About Justice

Sanford, FL—a young, athletic and hooded thug with lots of texting messages about guns, fighting and drugs, Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman.  While bashing the neighborhood watch volunteer’s brains out on the sidewalk the young thug was shot dead. 
It turns out that our Federal tax dollars were used to organize anti-Zimmerman protests demanding a legal lynching. Attorney General Eric Holder can be thanked for that waste of cash. 
The already divided nation has an agenda that has nothing to do with this isolated shooting in Florida.  This is about clashing races and attitudes about Gun Control.
There are those that hate guns or are African-American and intolerant of Whites that want Zimmerman’s blood.  They don’t really care who was beating whom. They want Zimmerman to be publicly hanged.
Then there are bigoted Whites that believe the only good African-Americans are the dead ones.  After that there are a lot of people of both races that want to protect their rights to defend themselves and their families.  They want Zimmerman cleared.
Only a small percentage of folks care about what really happened; or whether Zimmerman is guilty or not.
Realistically the evidence of a crime is just not there and Zimmerman will most likely walk free.  When that happens by the end of this week the seething hatred in the Black Communities of America will boil over like never before. 
I have made my plans to be in a safe place, well armed with plenty of ammunition, food and water. 


Anonymous said...

Eric Holder is still in contempt of congress why won't spineless republicans arrest him??

Anonymous said...

Well there is usually one show trial at least each year...

Often it is a particular celebrity in the hot seat...

Sometimes - new celebrities are made. Not that Zimmerman ever wanted to be a celebrity - I daresay.

I doubt this case would have got as far as it has - but for Federal interference.

Which whether intended or not - turned this case into an invisible but yet - pressure cooker time bomb.

And now because the prosecution has not proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt - & are clutching at straws - some straws may stick - something has to stick - to avoid the pressure cooker bomb exploding into a deadly riot in Florida at least.

This case was brought under pressure – the Presidents statements inflamed it - and this transformed this case into a pressure cooker time bomb.

Courts and prosecutors - if they act fairly and are not put under pressure from others higher up in power - can be the tool for a civilized people and society

but if the courts and prosecutors are under tremendous pressure from above and are pushed and coerced to be deliberately unfair in bringing this case -

Plus what happens if the jury decides it is independent and not under pressure - has a brain, has integrity and can be fair?

Does all hell break loose in Florida – caused by all the publicity and the pressure cooker time bomb???

I have witnessed in my life that many times humans only act on their feelings and are not disciplined enough or don't possess the brain power, or integrity, or want to fabricate and concoct their own version of events, or remain in denial - and thus are unable for many different reasons - to think or act logically or fairly.

Was injecting an opinion into this case - a very stupid mistake on the part of the Obama administration?

United we stand - and Divided We Fall- It is not about color or class - Justice is only about what can be proven, and what the jury's verdict is.

That unfortunately fellow humans - is all we have - as far as justice.

And if the prosecution cannot prove something beyond a reasonable doubt, and the jury rules in one way and not another - then justice calls for us to free that person - regardless of what we speculate - happened.

To conclude - JUSTICE does not entail inflaming the Zimmerman case - with a powerful opinion from above - that influences the actions of those officials beneath – like a pressure cooker bomb - invisible but yet a very strong & influential force as this is to the detriment of Justice!

Anonymous said...

I have the bad feeling that, no matter what the verdict in this case, there's going to be some kind of violence. If George Zimmerman is acquitted or is given anything less than a murder conviction, the black community will go on the rampage because "justice was denied"; damage to the community, and maybe even one or more non-blacks being dragged from their cars and assaulted, as we saw after the Rodney King "situation." On the other hand, if Mr. Zimmerman is convicted of some flavor of murder, I have the feeling the black community may have a riotous "party" in the streets, resulting in some level of damage to the community. Either way, the racial rhetoric will fly fast and furious

Anonymous said...

If the name of the Hispanic opposite Trayvon Martin went by "Carlos Ortega", or "Luis Vincente", or some such, instaed of George Zimmerman, we would have had none of this.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately for the vast majority of Americans this absurd violence of rioting; assault/arson/murder will be confined to the various big city/inner city areas.

In case these violent types haven't noticed, they're not alone in their violent approach. The police nowadays aren't your father's police anymore. (not good for anyone)
There won't be much, if any 'stand back and watch it burn' tactics issuing from the big city neo-police and 'other' government agents.
It will be tit for tat.

Small cities, towns and communities are no places for rioters of any persuasion to attempt to carry on, either.
They're outnumbered 30-40-50 to 1 and they know it.
They're not THAT stupid.

Since the general population (the average bear) is really nervous about the horrible economics of losing their jobs and homes, the 'everything is illegal' oppression and the overall dastardly state of the union, it would not be a good idea to mess with them, either. Scared and nervous very easily morphs into anger and the general population has tens of millions of fire arms.

So this leaves, in reality, only the usual tactics of killing each other, neighbors, emergency personnel and hapless bystanders and passersby.

Only the arson and looting of their immediate neighbors property.

This should be quelled by any means necessary.

To allow innocent people's lives and property to be destroyed by a mob is unacceptable.

If shooting hundreds or thousands of looters, arsonists and killers is required to protect the innocent; so be it.

55D/1833 said...

This is a multicultural show trial, in the style of every good fascist system. The police chief was removed, official political officers were sent to inflame and conflagrate racial tension, and now the hope is an example of someone who attacked a member of the victim class will be crucified on the cultural road to Damascus. Meanwhile the Miami PD doesn't have the integrity to admit the riot training they suddenly need has anything to do with it.

This is the collapse of western civilization, all broadcast on the obedience box in the home of most American dwellings.

Anonymous said...

The Obama administration could give a rat's behind about Trayvon or what comes out of this circus trial. I belive this trial is about gun rights. The goal is to scare people out of using guns for self-protection. After this, more people would prefer to have their brains bashed out than carry a gun to protect themselves. After all, who would want to go through the hell George Z is going through right now?? Obama and Holder are wicked, vicious, and very dangerous SOB's whose motto is, the ends justify the means.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that Obama intentionally said that Treyvon Martin would be the image of his son if Obama had a son for the purpose of a chilling effect on owning guns and self defense.

I think Obama made his remarks about Treyvon Martin - thinking he could - and not knowing that underlings would be pressured or inclined to slant a prosecution against Zimmerman ao as to please the President. Just like people used to please the Emperor.

However the result is the same whether Obama did this unintentionally or not.

A chilling effect on using guns in self defense - I mean who wants to go to prison for 30 years even for manslaughter?

Anonymous said...

An acquittal will be met with riots in Sanford and a federal civil rights violation indictment in Miami.

Anonymous said...

An acquittal will be met with riots in Sanford and a federal civil rights violation indictment in Miami.

Anonymous said...

As far as President Obama's comments about Trayvon Martin would look like his son - if Obama had a son, this statement is an identification with Trayvon Martin because of his appearance and because of his skin color.

The President may have made this association without intent to harm but nevertheless that statement has had a powerful detrimental effect to the Zimmerman case and more...

George Zimmerman has become a Jesus figure (even though he is not Jewish) but Zimmerman has been put on the cross for the laws which some may call the sins of the American culture - these laws being the right to bear arms and the right to self defense when threatened with physical harm.

If George Zimmerman is convicted - the right to bear arms and the right to self defense using a fire-arm will take a big blow. George Zimmerman is the scapegoat being used for this maneuver.

Anonymous said...

The jurors came in with a verdict.

Of course none of us know what really happened, so there is always a possibility that justice for Trayvon Martin was not served, especially if the eyewitness lied, and if Zimmerman lied, and if the expert forensics witness lied.

But if the facts are really as Zimmerman says and he does have a broken nose to show - this tragedy is a warning to those who are faced with the nightwatchman, or the police, or police in plain clothes, criminals and/or whoever -

The lesson to be learned here is - not to engage a stranger in a fight where a person who is unarmed - may lose their life, by being surprised by a gun or a knife.

Sometimes people are not even surprised by a large gun yet engage in a fight - people act before thinking...

I am reminded of Debra Lynn Fine in the Santa Monica shooting. She initually was in a better situation than Trayvon Martin in that she could actually see a young man with a huge gun in front of her - yet she still chose to engaged the young man with the gun and tried to dominate him with her words, the murderer was not focused on her but as soon as she began to engage him - he shot her 8 times and she was lucky she survived all those bullets.

It is best to avoid a fight and avoid engagement - if at all possible when confronted by an angry or officious person even when you are in the right, as you may wind up dead as in Trayvon Martin's case because you don't know the extent of the danger or who may be carrying a concealed weapon.

E, Tippett said...

Your fairly objective commentary concerning this violent incident
with its 'racial' undertones typifies what has been going on in the United States since its inception and the fact that this country has never really been a 'melting pot' but a a boiling one will be borne out in the coming days,weeks, and months following this trial's outcome.

Chicago, Illinois

Anonymous said...

Yes no justice for Zimmerman after he is acquitted or even any recognition for doing something good.

See below for the kind of thanks Zimmerman gets for helping a family out of a car wreck....

What a strong fear - to not fit in like a good sheep - especially since the American President has spoken before and after,

and the fear to support a person so unpopular is a very ungrateful and fearful bias.

Someone give the man a break for goddsakes...He has been through an ordeal too - which is never ending.

What a bunch of fearful and ungrateful car wrecked people!

"MIAMI (Reuters) - The family rescued from a car accident by George Zimmerman, days after he was cleared of wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, canceled plans to thank him publicly because they fear being linked to someone reviled by many Americans, Zimmerman's lawyer said on Wednesday.

"The family, who really wanted to thank George for doing what he did publicly ... realized that in any way connecting yourself with George Zimmerman is right now very toxic," Mark O'Mara, Zimmerman's lead attorney, told CNN.

O'Mara, underscoring the amount of hate directed toward Zimmerman, spoke after canceling a planned news conference with the family, where he said Zimmerman was due to be recognized as a "Good Samaritan."

Zimmerman helped pluck two children and their parents to safety from a Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle on Wednesday last week, after it overturned in an accident on a central Florida highway, authorities said.

The incident occurred barely four days after Zimmerman, 29, was acquitted by a Florida jury of murder and manslaughter in the killing of Martin, who he claims to have shot in self-defense.

Mark and Dana Michelle Gerstle, who were rescued with their children from the overturned SUV, have refused to talk to the media and have posted a "no trespassing" sign outside their central Florida home.

O'Mara told CNN there had been a surge in the number of death threats against Zimmerman since his acquittal, which has left many people across the country angry.

He added, in an answer to a question from CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, that Zimmerman, who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, is armed and taking all due precautions to protect his personal safety.

"I think it's more important now than before February 26, 2012, that he have an ability to protect himself because of the extraordinary amount of anger that is out there. Yes, he's protecting himself," O'Mara said.