Thursday, October 27, 2011

See Accused Burglar and LAPD Sergeant Lucien “Lou” Daigle in a Documentary Film

Los Angeles, CA—Before his recent arrest for residential burglary LAPD sergeant Lucien Daigle was a respected drug recognition expert for the LAPD. Daigle can be seen in the film called, American Drug War: The Last White Hope.

Hulu TV has the film and Daigle gives a rolling interview while patrolling on his beat in Skid Row. I can’t imagine this guy invading a woman’s home and confronting her while he is looting her property.

There will by a lot more information flowing about Daigle as this strange story unfolds during his prosecution. Again I hurt for Daigle’s six children and what they are facing.

The film can be seen for free on Hulu TV.

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Anonymous said...

Shit floats to the top of any PD.Its Police Mathematics.