Sunday, October 23, 2011

Immigration Amnesty Supporters Simply Want America’s Educated Voters Neutralized, Paving the Way for Socialism

Washington, DC—Make no bones about it we have an overload of disloyal Communists and Socialists within our own government. They are trying constantly to overthrow our Constitution and way of life.

The nations governed by Socialists all have desperately ignorant populations that seem to only survive on the promise of guaranteed food, lodging and medical care. In reality the entitlement driven population always becomes enslaved because they are tricked out of any rewards for productivity and excellence.

Socialism can never survive in a population of educated and self-sufficient citizens.

A reasonable immigration policy would give absolute preference to those immigrants who are educated, speak English, have talent along with something to offer the nation they want to make their home. Above all they must display loyalty to our nation.

America cannot afford to allow the importation of drugs, crime and poverty under the guise of “humane” immigration policy. We must use all necessary force and violence to prevent this deadly invasion to our soil.

Additionally there is absolutely no place for immigrants that insist on changing our government to accommodate the very policies and tyranny they have fled from in their home countries.

Millions of immigrants have brought this nation their talent, skills and culture. They have worked very hard to make this nation great. So many brave immigrants have fought and died for the American way of life in our military along the way. Of course I’m talking about those immigrants who respected and followed our laws.

Well educated people reject Socialism and the ignorant embrace and demand this failed and corrupt form of despotism. Of course our teacher’s unions have propagandized our entire educational system through effective brainwashing. Generation of Americans have been intentionally misled in our own tax supported schools.

Unfortunately we have millions of Americans that were taught to hate what our founding father’s sacrificed so much to give us. They never learned the importance of documents like the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and our cherished Bill of Rights.

Today too many “educated” Americans don’t understand the benefits of a society where excellence is rewarded and failure is not. They don’t understand just how damaging and degrading the Socialist handout programs are to the human spirit. This is especially true of Americans that grew up never experiencing poverty or deprivation.

Is it just a coincidence that the Leftists are the ones demanding open borders and the end to enforcement of immigration laws?

These Leftists don’t demand freedom or human rights be respected in Mexico and Central America. Mexico has all of the wonderful natural resources that the United State’s has. The corrupt Mexican government refuses any effort at emulating the kind of government their citizens have fled to by the millions.

The only goal of the open border proponents is nothing less then the destruction of the American way of life and to create a one world Communist government.

In a perfect Socialist world there can be no place to escape. The citizens must totally conform and live under the iron fist or be liquidated.

In the 1950’s there was a saying, “Better dead than red!” It was and is so true. Freedom, liberty and the American dream are really worth fighting for and that fight is a never-ending battle. Cemeteries are filled with American patriots that have given all and we must continue this fight until the blight of Socialism no longer threatens us.

We must deport every last trespasser from our land.


Anonymous said...

So true, these socialists are ALL scammers, who want something for nothing. They don't want to work and legitimately earn their way thru life, they just want to have what working people have, without doing any labor to get it. It is the ultimate form of hypocrisy, arrogance, and laziness. A total insult and bastardization of everything about what our American Way of Life, and Western Civilization stand for. Our Country needs to purge all these Communists, Leftists, socialists, Marxists, Progressives, Liberals, whatever you want to call em, they're all the same. RATS...

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

I think you should sit down if you’re not already to read the rest my comments because they are going to blow your socks off.

Remember that civilian army the President said we need during his election to fight terrorism ? He is building that army over at the Department of Homeland Security – under the loyal command of Janet Napolitano. Most of us have already met members of that army; the screeners at airports who demand to fondle our sexual organs and those of our children.

Now, despite 9% unemployment (that is actually more like 25-30% because our government lies) and despite that 47 million Americans are now on food stamps – the Department of Homeland Security is hiring illegal aliens to staff the ranks of their terror army.

Who better to loyally follow the illegal orders of the agency then the lawless interlopers who flaunt their disregard for our countries laws. Who better to trust to be too ignorant to understand our Bill of Rights and carry out violations of it without question. One can easily understand how the Macdonald’s rejects they already employ are such logical choices because their sheer stupidity insures they won’t ask questions – but this is even better. It is the next best thing to using foreign troops to terrorize and intimidate Americans into kowtowing to Obama’s police state.

If anyone has any doubts about Obama’s intention to rule us as a dictator this should answer them all.

PS: Take care my friend, don’t forget that Obama is now murdering American citizens he deems a terrorist. Due process and the rule of law means nothing to this man and all of us who are military veterans, pro-life activists, evangelical Christians, and Tea Party members have been warned we’re in the crosshairs and considered potential terrorists by this administration. I don’t know how many visitors your blog receives but your opinions must certainly be earning you a high ranking on the death list.