Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obama Needs Another War

Washington, DC—The latest alleged terror plot broken by the FBI smells of entrapment and government supplied arms and explosives. The Obama Justice Department is lying because Eric Holder’s lips are moving.

This is the prelude for waging war against Iran. Obama needs this to repair the serious rift between Obama and Jewish voters. How many American lives must be extinguished before Obama can regain political capital?

The signs are all present and our military is being realigned as I report about the coming horror.

I can’t imagine that more nations will become embroiled in this new conflict. Will this become World War Three? That’s happening, as we are moving ever closer to a Civil War on our own soil. I somehow am wondering if a 2012 Presidential election will even happen. Will Obama simply try and grab power as the first American dictator?


Anonymous said...

This whole situation smells like a manufactured pile of BS.

First of all, contrary to hundreds of spy movies, killing another country's operative is very rare. The whole diplomacy/espionage game is kind of a game played out, by the most part, by high social end players. It is not a street-level ghetto game. Killing anothers operative would invite retaliation. Especially a high level like an ambassador. No good.

If a nation's intel agency decided to kill another operative, it would be handled at a very high level and kept tightly controlled. The political blowback would be enormous.

The task would be assigned to someone that A: could be trusted to do the job. B: trusted to keep quiet. C: not be traceable back.

Other than prosecuting the offender for crimes committed in US juristiction, it is a matter between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Why the US would care, other than an assassination on US soil would be VERY internationally embarrassing. Tho it may be able to give us some leverage with Saudi Arabia ("we got your back")

Now Obozo may want a war on the streets of America. But I doubt that this bum army of Wall Street Occupiers will have any stomach for battle when the teargas and clubs start flying. Hell, I bet they will be gone on the first zero degree day.

Anonymous said...

Why would a real terrorist need to go outside his support network.Dont real terrorists recieve training on how to make explosives????
Why would a real terrorist need to buy explosives and weapon from FBI agents??Wouldnt their handlers have contacts for them in the USA??Wouldnt the foriegn intelligence services of known terrorist nations provide intell to the operatives?????

The whole thing smells to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

The DOJ going down under "F. & F." and "Gunwalker" not wanting to answer who knew what when.

Wag the Dog.
Don't Obama & company know we saw that movie.

Anonymous said...

I think that most people are missing the point, that being, that Obama is obviously a Madman, with his finger on the button of the entire U.S. Nuclear missile Aresnal. I personally am more worried about Obama starting WW#3/Armageddon, than I am about the piss-ant Country of Iran, that is run by another Madman, but a mini-madman compared to the Communist in Chief. I do not tink there is ANYTHING that Barak Hussein Obama is not capable of, in the line of Evil, including instigating Civil War in the streets of America, to furthur his megolomaniacal delusional dreams of Obamerica. .