Wednesday, October 19, 2011

KTLA-TV Morning “News” is a Massive Time Waster

Los Angeles, CA—Today it’s news reduced to gossip and idle chit-chat. Instead of reporting news KTLA’s morning program is an overloaded anchor desk of people rapidly chattering over each other about the most insignificant nonsense.

KTLA’s main focus seems to be the shameless promoting of their other daily programing under the umbrella of news reporting. That is as lame as it gets.

For example they devote entirely too much time to those incredibly ignorant reality TV personalities rather then information viewers need in their daily lives. Very little of what KTLA broadcasts is news. Rather than provide a litany of their pathetic content Let’s take a look of what they don’t provide.

Real news with in depth coverage has been replaced with pathetic sound bites from the army of government public information officers and corporate PR flaks. No efforts are ever made to dig further into stories. Why do we need reporters if all they do is parrot the provided propaganda?

A little digging and truth verification is what we should demand of our news reporters. I guess that’s too much like work. Personally I never found a major crime story that did not have some major surprises once I began to dig into them.

Our democracy is threatened every day we don’t have a meaningful press presence. There are always dangerous ramifications when we willingly accept what government tells us without question. Too many media organizations like KTLA have forgotten their mission. I doubt that today’s reporters even know who Josef Goebbels was or why he is the Godfather to Public Information Officers everywhere.

The single most important thing in America today is jobs and small business opportunities. Recruiting a reporter from the ranks of Human Resource workers to do daily reports on jobs, training and financial survival is essential. Who is hiring and what jobs are being phased out is important to anyone trying to enter the workforce. You’ll never find that Information on KTLA.

When they do crime stories their efforts are limited to what the PIOs say and meaningless neighbor interviews with the obligatory, “It’s so scary!” sound bites. Does it ever occur to these “reporters” to check available court records on the people who are accused and those claiming to be victims or witnesses?

The days of enterprising reporting are dead. The hidden camera stories along with investigation of allegations made by inside whistleblowers have vanished.

Taxpayers deserve to have their news providers exposing waste and fraud in government. Instead they give loads of valuable free campaign airtime to any and every Liberal politician that sends out a press release.

KTLA leads the way garbage disguised as news but the other L.A. news organizations are following close behind.

TV news simply does not deserve to live.


Anonymous said...

I can't think of any Chicago area news team that is any better. It's sickening.

Anonymous said...

WGN news is music and marryment, The others are just dumb.....filled with fluff and of course Walters drug induced rants against the city admin....