Saturday, January 12, 2008

On Star Or Mom Star?

We all know about On Star service offered with today’s automobiles. It’s designed to help you in emergencies and lots of good things. There is also a huge Big Brother aspect that could even allow the remote monitoring of your conversations as you drive the streets and highways. That takes me to the latest service I’m offering to my clients, MOM STAR!

When I think of a composite American mother I think of the role model for all times Mrs. Cleaver. She of course was the mother of Wally and Theodore Beaver” Cleaver on the 50s TV show, Leave It To Beaver. Any good mom is slow to cut the apron strings to her children and continue to worry about their well being for the rest of their lives. Moms specialize in keeping us all from engaging in risky behavior. It may well be true that none of us would have lived without our mom’s protection.

We all have to allow our children to learn how to drive and somehow provide them with safe and secure basic transportation. Our kids all want the fastest and flashiest cars on the planet as they promise to obey all traffic laws as they dream of NASCAR like maneuvers in rush-hour traffic.

MOM STAR has become a service the mom’s I know are demanding from me these days. What is MOM STAR you ask? It’s the latest greatest device that allows moms to know exactly what her children are doing with their cars. For example whenever junior travels over a certain speed, say 75 miles per hour mom gets a text message on her cell phone telling her the speed, location, direction and duration. Mom can fire up her computer from anywhere in the world and watch the exact movement of the car in real time. Mom can also learn on which side of the railroad tracks her children have found new friends.

You might ask what’s preventing mom from doing the same thing with dad’s car? Absolutely nothing.

If you need this kind of service you can get it right here.

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