Monday, January 07, 2008

California’s Gun Crime Problems Amid Crazy Gun Laws

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Tia Fisher exemplifies why gun laws hurt rather than help public safety. Convicted felon, Curtis Harris, 34 could not possess a weapon because of state and federal gun laws that even the National rifle Association support. Nobody wants convicted criminals running around with guns except maybe Judge Fisher.

You see this felon Curtis Harris was not a model citizen or husband. He had used duct tape, handcuffs and a stun gun to kidnap his wife, Monica Harris, 37. This miscreant had a previous felony conviction and later reoffended in two incidents in which he kidnapped his wife over a three-day time span in November.

Harris’s lawyer worked out a deal for him to plead guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm and was waiting for his sentencing to a new 16 month prison term. Harris waited not in jail but out on the street without any bail requirement, courtesy of Judge Fisher.

Curtis Harris was free to do what was next. Curtis Harris soon contacted his estranged wife in violation of a court order and shortly returned killing her and then himself.

California is a place where law-abiding folks have few gun rights while violent criminals are set free to arm themselves and stalk their prey. Again, as usual gun laws worked only to aid criminals.


It's Not All Real said...

The problem with gun grabbers is they put their well being into the hands of others, not themselves. It is already against the law to hit's against the law to steal from's against the law to enter someone's home and steal or hurt's against the law to kill someone. Criminals know this already, but it doesn't stop them.

The police cannot be everywhere all the time. You the individual, has the inalienable right to defend yourself from those who would steal, maim or kill you. A firearm is the best equalizer.

I myself will not be a victim. Shoot the bastards and let God sort it out.

Mike M said...

What does this story have to do with gun laws? I agree, that judge is an idiot, but the problem here is that the perp was free instead of in jail awaiting the sentence. Good story, but we do our cause no favors by interjecting the problems of gun control into cases where it really isn't a deciding factor, or even an influencing one.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Mike it’s all really very simple even for a bright fellow like you. The only people who obey laws are the law-abiding. Gun laws are absolutely unenforceable against criminals simply because they are criminals.

The only people who are impaired or obstructed from owning or possessing firearms because of gun laws are the law-abiding folks. The bad news is the unarmed and law-abiding folks are usually the victims of criminals.

stop crime, not freedom said...

Very good point. You see if our gun laws and regulations worked the way they are intended, Then why do criminals have such easy access to them? We need stricter penalties for felons and anyone who misuses a firearm. Simple as that. Focus on removing firearms from criminals, or people otherwise mentally unfit. Passing new laws that effect a good persons ability to aquiring any firearm is a misguided approach to bettering public safety. Firearms are used 100,000 - 2,500,000 times a year by law-abiding people to defend their lives and property. How is it that these instances are so easily overlooked, while every criminal misuse of a firearm makes the front page of our daily newspaper?