Thursday, January 31, 2008

It’s SHOT SHOW Time In Las Vegas!

There is no question that this even is the largest show of firearms, hunting and outdoor fun in the world. February 2-5 at the Las Vegas Convention center will host manufacturers from nearly every corner of the globe.

The dollar has taken a severe beating abroad which will make it easier for foreign dealers to buy lots of goods made by our American workers.

I plan to show some highlights from this event right here at crimefile News.
More information on the SHOT SHOW can be found here.


Anonymous said...

By all means, "highlight" the women
as well as the weapons. Ahhh, to have a woman who loves guns, or loves a man who loves guns; what more could a man wish for.......

Anonymous said...

My ex loves guns, then one night while I was asleep (and drunk) she shot me in both legs and nearly killed the baby sitter in bed next to me. So be careful of what you ask for. I was on the medical role for almost a year!!

Anonymous said...

Nice "Updates" to the Blog, "CF"/PH! Eye Candy always appreciated!

Now Re: S.C.C.-

They say turnabout is fair play...

Please visit Second City COPS!

- Because there's NOTHING worse than a Blogger with a BIG EGO and NO SENSE of HUMOR! ;-)

Please click to view SCCOPS- "FAKE-SCC", if you will...! (tee-hee-hee!)

Best Wishes-