Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yet Another Crimefile Adventure And A Treat!

Okay my life has taken unusual turns. I can’t truthfully say what I’ll be doing from one moment to the next. I’ve never been one to like the routine.

Not long ago I was lucky enough to get some voice coaching from a good friend who is a real pro that just happens to be an Emmy Award winning singer, writer and producer. This lady, Sue Ann Pinner prepared me for a musical theater production.

Sue Ann had already released four CD’s with her remarkable voice that have sold internationally. During a short break from the lesson Sue Ann played a melody she wrote on her piano. It was a magical melody that had no companion lyrics. Suddenly I had an Illumination! Yep, I saw the light! Until this very moment nobody has written a song about the remarkable life of a great man who recently passed away. I went on a quest to research the man’s life beyond what I already knew.

I’m a fan of story songs such as Marty Robbins’, El Paso, Jimmy Dean’s, Big Bad John and Gordon Lightfoot's, Edmund Fitzgerald. I sat down and wrote the biography and then with Sue Ann at the piano and together we crafted the final words to this song for that wonderful haunting melody. The result was the title track for Sun Ann’s latest CD, ILLUMINATION.

Who is the man Sue Ann sings about? I will give you a hint with this short clip of Illumination but you will just have to guess or buy the CD to find out. As for the other songs on this great CD. They’re showstoppers for sure. You can hear a tease portion of Illuminattion by clicking the play button below.

You can download this music and other musci fron Sue Ann Pinner at iTunes Store and

Of course you can always order this CD right here!

you can also buy it and hear clips from all selections at CD Baby.


leomemorial said...

That's cool, Paul.

You're an artist and just have to let the artist moment happen...

Anonymous said...

I really like this CD!!! Where do I buy one?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Right now the first place of the CD’ distribution is at: via phone at
(213) 680-5277 or via email at:

Very soon this will be available at I-Tunes for download and shotly thereafter in your local record shops that are still in business.