Thursday, December 21, 2006

Those TSA Passenger Searches Can’t Stop Determined Terrorists

Those who read this vlog know that I’m a perennial critic of the TSA passenger-searching program. It’s both un-American and ineffective in prevention of terrorism. Americans have been brainwashed into believing that the system is somehow saving lives. Law enforcement people know that the only effective means of terrorist prevention is through profiling passengers for those common dominators shared by real terrorists.

Our practice of allowing non-citizens from hostile nations to fly on our airplanes is absolutely insane. It’s another 9/11 disaster waiting to happen. We simply don’t need to allow this to be happening.

We also know that no American airport could repel or defeat a surprise-attack from a small squad of heavily armed terrorists. Hundreds of unarmed passengers would be rounded up like sheep and slaughtered before enough police reinforcements could ever be brought in.

The security program hosted by the TSA is only a lame effort to convince ignorant passengers that they are somehow safe. Searching America’s grandmothers like criminals on the other hand is both offensive and a waste of valuable resources.

Here is a video that demonstrates a virtually undetectable explosive that can be disguised as prescription pills, vitamins, candy or dozens of harmless objects. These are called binary explosives. X-Ray and bomb sniffing machines are easily defeated.


Anonymous said...

The braindead FAA and TSA hacks insist on disarming every off duty cop that travel on airplanes.


Anonymous said...

The reason aliens are allowed in and are flying within US borders is the State Department. Those bastards are still giving visas to citizens of hostile nations......this means that you and me are violated and our 4th Amendemnt is thrown out the window. The borders are not sealed because both parties the Dems/Reps have sold out the soverignity of the US and we are heading to that One World Order...with the US dominating everybody they is not going to work. It will be a global mess. But, in the meantime the US taxpayer/citizen is being undermined by the policies of the State Dept.
Like your blog...paladin56..

A Voice of Sanity said...

And the TSA will protect us all from this because . . . . . ?