Monday, December 04, 2006

Take a gun hater shooting!

There are two sides to the gun argument. There is no middle ground on this volatile issue nor should there be. Of course there are those that say they believe in gun rights but support “reasonable regulation”. Those are the same “reasonable regulations” that are painstakingly obeyed by the law abiding and ignored by criminals.

Gun laws always work on the law-abiding. Gun laws cannot reduce violent crime since criminals don’t care about laws or right and wrong. Gun laws do help violent criminals avoid capture or injury while they victimize others. Gun control brings false promises as it actually makes our world a more dangerous place.

Gun and gun rights haters have been raised on the religion that demonized guns. These folks have been told that, “Guns serve just one purpose, killing!” On first blush this seems to make sense until you take the time to investigate the truth. The reality is that guns save lives by deterring violent criminals. The human survival instinct keeps violent criminals away from armed police and citizens. Statisticians such as Professors John Lott and Garry Kleck have proven the case against gun control as a way to reduce crime and violence. The gun and gun rights haters need to learn the truth.

I’m asking every gun owner to take that gun hating friend of yours to a gun range and teach them how to shoot a handgun. Difficult you say? Not if you make it a challenge! Most of these folks have never fired a handgun in their lives. You simply tell your friend that before they can boast a valid opinion about firearms and gun control they need to at least have fired a gun.

There is no need to preach about gun rights to your friend. When you teach these folks about safety, marksmanship and hopefully some of the issues concerning the law and liability connected to the justifiable use of deadly force you will find you’ve change lives and minds.

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Anonymous said...

In economics, they teach that in order to get rid of something, you take away the demand. Gun control laws are a middle ground solution. To really solve the problem, I think you need to get rid of the want for guns for destructive purposes. This starts with education. In reducing drug crimes, governments usually do the same thing. It's more effective to teach children about the dangers of drugs than to impose laws.