Friday, December 15, 2006

A Video Montage Of Chicago Police At Work

I received a video this morning that provides a rare exhibition of Chicago’s finest at work. This is an artsy montage of photos and video clips going as far back as the Haymarket Riot and decades later 1968 Democratic National Convention. This is a must see video I think everyone will enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Great clip. Very inspirational. Makes me proud to be part of such an organization.

Anonymous said...

Can the author of that video clip please provide me with a copy in MPEG or WMV format? I'd love to show it at roll call. It sure beats most of the streaming videos we have to watch.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I may well know the author but he or she mailed me a wmv on a cd and chose to remain anonymous. I suspect that there is some goofy boss somewhere might try to get a cr number on the artist who put this together.

I'd love nothing better than to somehow be able to get paid to produce some serious video programing for the CPD. Training tapes, PR videos and historical interviews of various bosses before they retire.

The department seems to need this much more than they realize.

I'd love to produce some retirement parties videos too!

Anonymous said...

Great video!!

Even though I don't work CPD, it does make you guys look good!

I'm proud to have worked beside you when I was assigned to the "City" - worked out of ISP District 4... I patrolled mainly on the Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Nice video but most of the footage is from b.s. training tapes and not the real thing. And guess what? The clout heavy, never were the police, are the ones in the video. Oh Well.