Saturday, December 23, 2006

Long Beach PD Identifies Cop Shooter Suspect

Two Long Beach police officers were critically wounded after making a routine traffic stop yesterday. Tonight the officers, identified by Chief Anthony Batts as 37-year-old Abe Yap, a nine-year veteran and 39-year-old Roy Wade, Jr.. They both are still both fighting for their lives at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.

Wade, sustained the worst injuries, he was shot multiple times in the chest and throat. The rookie police officer is described by Batts as a gentle giant who wanted to become a professional basketball player. Wade was only three weeks out of the police academy.

Police officials say the officers were shot Friday afternoon when they pulled over a White Nissan, SUV when the driver, now identified as 36-year-old Oscar Manuel Gallegos got out and opened fire on the officers

Gallegos was described as a local thug by Batts who disclosed his extensive criminal record that includes Assault With A Deadly Weapon, Terrorist Threats and drug charges. Batts also revealed that the suspect is an illegal alien who has been deported several times in the past.

Mexico and many other Latin American countries have exported their poverty, crime and violent criminals here unchecked for far too long. This while our government has elected to not enforce the laws enacted through our representatives. That begs the big question, How Many victims must there be before we seal the borders and deport the criminal aliens?

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