Saturday, December 21, 2013

Don’t have a Dog? Go to a Shelter and Let one Rescue You Today!

If you never owned a dog your life has been incomplete.  Owning a dog is not difficult or burdensome.  The only bar to dog ownership are serious allergies, landlord prohibitions or you’re gone away from home for long periods of time. 
Today there are a surprising number of dog friendly employers that allow pets to be brought to work.  I’ve even seen this at locally owned TV stations.  I think many companies are learning that being dog friendly is actually good for business, productivity and certainly employee morale.  
Dogs are a tremendous cure for depression and walking them insures you get more exercise and perhaps a longer life. 
Dogs are also wonderful matchmakers for their unattached owners!  Dogs make it a lot easier for members of the opposite sex to approach each other on the street.  Egos always interfere with our first meetings but when a dog is present ego problems seem to simply vanish.    
A dog will bring a smile a minute to your face and that translates to improving your appearance and personality.  Dogs are fun, funny and lovable. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. 
A dog will always help you through a crisis, heartbreak or even a bad day.  Their loyalty to you is never in question.   They sense when you’re sad or lonely and will give you the special attention you need. The money spent on food and veterinary healthcare will bring you priceless joy in return.
I’ve seen good relationships and marriages saved simply because laughter is returned to a house house with the introduction of a new dog.  When laughter leaves a home that is a sign that divorce may not be far away.
Housebreaking and training your dog is easy.  The dog will be training you at the same time!  Instructions don’t come with a dog but pet stores have lots of books and the Internet is filled with lots of helpful information.
Shelters always have an abundance of dogs of every kind and size that are in desperate need of adoption.  The truth is that they adopt us asking for only love, kindness and some food in return.  
The only downside is that their lives are too short.  But when they pass on there is always another doggie that needs you as much as you needed the loyal friend that just crossed that Rainbow Bridge.
If you believe in Heaven and it’s reward you will see every critter you ever loved there or it would not be heaven. 
The last thing I will say is that dogs will bring out your best behavior.  When I was a cop arresting people, I always asked they if the had a dog when I was booking them.  I did this to make sure that the dog was not locked up in some dwelling without food and water.  I would help the arrestee notify friends and relatives to avoid a tragedy.  What I learned doing that was surprising.   Virtually none of the people I arrested owned dogs!
Perhaps it’s true that the Devil’s work is done with idle hands.  Dogs will keep their owners busy loving them and that seems to prevent and incredible amount of anti-social behavior.
If you don’t have a dog perhaps you need to be rescued!

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snowbird29803 said...

Paul, I have been educated and entertained by your blog and YouTube channel for a few years, but had to let you know today for the first time how much I agree with your message about the huge advantages of keeping a dog. After a 13 year spell without a dog, four years ago a little puppy come into my life by accident and I accepted that accident as a gift from God. My 'Bear' has enriched my life in ways I never imagined. This old curmudgeon has a much better quality of life than I would have had if it was not for an accident, or was it an act of God? Either way, I'm a better person for it and others who can't or won't accept the love and joy of a pet are missing out on an awful lot.