Monday, July 26, 2010

African-American Entitlement Zombies-- A Product Of American Social Engineering

Washington, DC—In what could only be describe as racist inspired effort to establish Socialism in America, the African-American Entitlement Zombie was created.

When the state residency requirements to collect welfare were outlawed by the Earl Warren Court in the early 1960s the poorest African-Americans began a mass-migration to the big cities. The outlawed residency requirements insured that welfare assistance would automatically be denied to anyone who could not establish that they were a resident of that state for at least one year.

States like Michigan, Illinois, New York, Maryland and Ohio paid generous benefits to those people unable or unwilling to work. The states in the Deep South did not believe in the handout programs.

Racist Southern officials soon realized they could export their poorest African-Americans through educating them of the generous entitlements in the North. Officials actually provided one way bus transportation and five dollars in cash to anyone who’d voluntarily leave. The overloaded buses left the South taking millions of needy people far away from local taxpayer’s and their pockets.

The already challenged African-Americans wasted no time settling into the Land of Milk and Honey. The welfare rolls in the North burst as the political climate changed dramatically. Those addicted to entitlements always vote for politicians that bring more entitlements. This knowledge was fully exploited by the hard corps Socialists in our government. This was and is truly a vicious circle.

The schools were quickly adapted to become day care or free breakfast and lunch centers. Learning the three R’s took a back seat to learning about entitlements.

Every effort was made, to establish a new, right to not to have to work. That concept took hold and the African-American Entitlement Zombie was born. They were people who could be controlled by relatively small amounts of free money. If they wanted more money crime was the vehicle to obtain anything extra. That was considered a “Black thing” by the racist White Socialists.

They conveniently housed these people in huge ghettos away from their elite neighborhoods. The real estate industry was more than cooperative in assisting through their Blockbusting programs that provided handsome profits to speculators and destroyed the home investment of millions of White homeowners. The tool of the Blockbuster’s trade was a simple for sale sign and the sight of shabbily dressed African-Americans home shopping. The result was panic selling at fire sale prices.

The sad truth is African-Americans were exploited redundantly and today Socialists have replaced the slave owners. They created a vast underclass of needy, ignorant, violent people that will never escape their pre-programmed existence.

The Socialists have created a broad base of African-American supporters of Socialism since they have no alternative. They have been denied the tools of self-reliance and financial survival. They’ve been encouraged to develop a culture of single-motherhood, drug use, crime and the right to demand free money.

This social engineering scam was as racist a plan that was ever created. The scheme has, destroyed lives, and overloaded our jails and prisons as it dramatically slowed America’s productivity and growth.

There are lots of Fat-Cat African-American’s that deserve a great deal of blame for this mess within our own government. They don’t have to live in or be a part of what they helped create. The decades old Congressional Black Caucus led by none other than Barack Obama has done everything they could to maintain the underclass of African-American Entitlement Zombies in America.


Teechur said...

Congratulations on a very well-done, intuitive and truthful post. In just a few sentences you have clearly explained the basis for what is becoming the major cause of the downfall of our country. No politician or civic "leader" will publicly agree with you, but privately they are nodding their heads. Great writing...

Anonymous said...

The same Socialists are repeating their same tactics with Hispanics by the obstruction of federal immigration laws and encouragement to those trespassing on our soil.

The Socialist pigs desperately need more Entitlement Zombies they can rob of self-reliance and dignity.

Like you’ve said before Socialism cannot survive without its sisters, poverty, ignorance and deprivation.

It's Not All Real said...

You forgot about the silent middle class blacks. They are the ones who work like everyone else, raise their children, worry about the future and do all the other things that most people do. Their silence regarding the animalistic behavior of the minority of blacks is worse than that of the social engineering do gooders.

Pants on the ground, backward caps on a sunny day, making babies but not taking care of them, robbing and pillaging their own community, where is the outrage from the black community over such behavior? Not until the majority of good black people stop coddling the nonsense of the few will this social mess ever end. And that's for real!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Keep buying weapons and ammo folks!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Teechur. This was an extremely thought provoking, enlightening post. The only problem as I see it, is that there is no easy solution to get us out of this mess. The ghetto rats won't ever voluntarily give up their Link cards and all of the other entitlements. If somehow the politicians who pander to them are voted out of office and their handouts are stopped, they will file lawsuits and the ACLU will defend them, like it is some honorable thing to keep them in chains. I don't have a solution, but something has to be done.