Saturday, July 03, 2010

Mayor Daley Says No Guns For Negroes!

Chicago, IL—Not so long ago in American history African-Americans were shut out of the voting booth through extortionate poll taxes. Blacks had no money and voting was impossible. It took a while but the courts intervened and the poll taxes were outlawed.

There was another outrageous obstacle preventing African-Americans from voting and that was literacy testing. The majority of Blacks, were just too poorly educated and could not pass the tests local governments required. If a voter could not pass the test, the voter could not vote. Again the courts finally intervened and banned the illegal practice.

A Constitutional right is just that, a right. Government can’t require anyone to either, pay for, be tested for or wait in order to enjoy a Civil Right. Mayor Richard M. Daley and the City Council have defied the law of the land and civil liberties of the people of Chicago by attempting to circumvent the United States Supreme Court’s edict in McDonald vs. City of Chicago.

The City of Chicago has done all of the above to violate the Civil Rights of Chicagoans with their brand new gun ban scheme. In order to enjoy the right to own a handgun they are requiring extortionate fees, testing, and waiting up to four months as a scheme or artifice to prevent gun ownership.

Government can require fees, testing and waiting before granting privileges such as driving an automobile. Government cannot treat Civil Rights in the same fashion as privileges.

The law-abiding African-Americans of Chicago have suffered the most because they have been at the mercy of armed criminals, an undermanned police department and early inmate release programs by corrections officials. Imagine being poor and living in the ghetto without the meaningful ability to defend yourself.

A trip any day to Chicago’s Cook County Morgue is a lesson in murder and racial discrimination. The overwhelming percentage of murder victims brought here are Black. This demonstrates both the enablement of violent criminals by Daley’s failed gun ban and preventable suffering by victims that were barred from defending themselves.

Chicago’s Aldermen and Mayor, on the other hand have the right their office gives them to carry concealed weapons. They are overpaid, part-time workers that live and work in relative safety as they drive safe cars and commute to safe locations to do their work and play. The Mayor and at least one Alderman have 24/7 bodyguard details of armed Chicago cops.

This is nothing less than a Civil Rights issue. The very ugly origin of Gun Control in America began in the South during Post-Civil War Reconstruction as a way to keep the newly freed slaves disarmed. The concept spread North as a way to keep immigrants disarmed.

If the pathetic politicians of City of Chicago were really concerned about gun safety they’d offer free classes in existing schools. Obviously they only demand it now to enable them to violate Civil Rights. Free classes on gun safety would certainly be good public policy.

It is not the fault of Chicago’s African-Americans who have been kept ignorant and needy by a Socialist run school system. The culture of entitlement addiction and gratuitous violence has been tolerated and indulged as a way to keep this population away from the American dream. Educated and elegant people just don’t vote the Socialist ticket.

This film is a real eye-opener.


BuddhaWest said...

Outstanding film. Welcome to a world without civil rights for everyone thanks to the Chicago Mob.

Martin Woodard said...

I’m an African-American living near 63rd and Stoney Island in Chicago. If Chicago cops won’t protect my rights to defend myself, who then will protect theirs and members of their families?

Mayor Daley is every bit as evil as Jim Crow. He has my brothers and sisters fooled into thinking they can’t survive without Link cards and free money. They will always being living had to mouth in their ignorant world because of Daley and yes, the biggest Uncle Tom of them all Barack Obama.

Obama is a communist and people are too dumb to figure that out. Communists love keeping us niggers in our place.

Anonymous said...

So True, Socialists like Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago have used Black people as tools for their Agenda forever and a day. It is ironic that the good black citizens of chicago will march with the Devil Daley, against gun violence, when he [Daley] is the one they should be protest marching against. Nevertheless, the slaughter goes on, and the Democrat party continues to enslave Black people, by giving them cheap, free handouts for their vote=slavery, in return for selling their souls to them, so they [Democrat politicians] can continue to manipulate and control them, which has led to the destruction of every Black community in the USA, compliments of the Democrat Strategy of closet Slavemasters.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Very compelling video! I am a 2nd Ammendment advocate for ALL law-abiding Americans and this by far tells the sad story of the long,very long history of democrats racial policies.

Anonymous said...

great video. Just wondering though if the creator of the video also finds it repugnent to ask for your race on fafsa forms, employment applications and school applications for children?

Personally I believe they should remove all questions of race from everything, including census. That info is only ised by politicians anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Personally I believe they should remove all questions of race from everything, including census. That info is only ised by politicians anyway.

July 04, 2010 11:17 AM"

the problem is that this information is useful to the politicians only because a significant number of citizens find it to their advantage.

what do you think Martin Luther King would have to say about those people who consider being 'disadvantaged' as an asset?

Anonymous said...

"the problem is that this information is useful to the politicians only because a significant number of citizens find it to their advantage"

Not so.

As the aggressive census worker I advised would be arrested if he persisted in trying to enter my apartment building without permission from a resident admitted, hundreds of millions of dollars in annual federal funding are distrubuted based on census results.

Don't kid yourselves, it's all about the entitlements and federal programs tied to census results.

Anonymous said...

How dare King Daley attack our constitution. Tme to run him out of town, along with his corrupt systems, unions and aldermen....

If guns are so bad King Daley, why do cops have them??