Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Serious Reason to Void the New Drew Peterson Hearsay Law

Joliet, IL-In their over-zealous attempt to convict retired Bolingbrook police sergeant, Drew Peterson prosecutors lacking any tangible and admissible evidence got the IL Legislature to make the Drew Peterson Hearsay Exception Law.

The foreign hearsay concept derails criminal trials, into gossip contests while degrading the rules of evidence and American Due Process. 

The new law denies an accused the fundamental constitutional right to face an accuser in court.

In the Peterson case last week a sealed court ruling was obviously leaked by prosecutors to the media. Now every potential juror has been informed that Peterson was already judged guilty by Judge Stephen White. This may well and should cost prosecutors a dismissal of the entire case.

I began to think about how savvy and knowledgeable people wind up on juries. The sealing of such a ruling would be totally worthless under those circumstances.

I guess since Judge White is in uncharted territory he seemed to forget that all Americans are presumed to know the law. Of course they probably don’t know but that concept was designed to foreclose on someone’s ignorance of the law as an excuse for breaking it.

With that time tested presumption in mind the Drew Peterson Law makes it abundantly clear that the judge must make a ruling that the witness was murdered and made unavailable by the defendant that the hearsay is used against.

Every juror is actually presumed to know that Peterson has already been determined to be a murderer by the judge once a single word of hearsay is allowed. A defendant would be denied the right to a fair trial and due process the instant the judge allows hearsay testimony.

The Drew Peterson Hearsay exception Law is a real danger to American Freedom and Liberty and must be voided.


Anonymous said...

Paul, you speak of Gossip Contests. In this case it’s not really a Gossip Contest because it’s only one sided against Peterson.

If his was really a contest Peterson’s lawyers could bring in witnesses that would tell the court how Kathleen Savio wanted to take Peterson for every dime he’s got and was not afraid of him one bit. But the hearsay exception is a one way railroad.

The Statements that Stacy made of taking off for good won’t be heard either.

One way hearsay is in no way fair.

Anonymous said...

There are some really dysfunctional turds that don’t have lives of their own that have made drew Peterson the target of incoherent hateful rambling at a couple of websites dedicated to doing anything possible to prevent a fair trial for Drew Peterson.

It will be fun to see them get unhinged and become suicidal when Peterson walks free, That fat bitch that lives next door to the Peterson house will slash her wrists when that happens.

It would be fun to see Glasgow get the Nifong treatment for his great work when this is over.

Anonymous said...

How much taxpayer money has Glasgow wasted on his quest to convict drew Peterson despite the fact that they have zero evidence?

The state troopers need to get back on the highways where they belong and change motorist tires for them. They need to leave police work to real policemen.

The troopers don't have the chops needed to do homicide investigations.