Friday, May 25, 2007

Stanford University Home To Young Imposter

I find this story a sign of our times. We live in a land where we make laws to control illegal immigration and then don’t enforce them. There can be little respect for any of our laws under that pathetic example.

You don’t get educated at Stanford University for free and very few poor kids will ever see the inside of a world class place to prepare for a life of wealth and privilege a Stanford education will bring.

Then came the determined and clever 18 year-old lass by the name of Azia Kim who infiltrated the campus as a “student” for no less than eight months. She talked her way into the dorm and made herself at home. That is until her lack of a key required climbing through dorm windows understandably brought too many questions.

Stanford’s administration is now in a security panic as they find themselves embarrassed over the ruse. I can’t help but find Azia Kim to be a child in need who perhaps deserves a chance for real student enrolment. I also see a career ahead for this girl perhaps at our Central Intelligence Agency. That is if she’s not arrested and prosecuted for her eight-month adventure. I hope Stanford administrators will walk away from such retribution.

Azia Kim is a child of out time. There are so many people with money they will never be able to spend in their lifetimes who my get a their own personal reward by investigating Kim’s plight and help her realize the status of the trust fund babies at Stanford’s hollowed halls.

I think of all the Liberal rich ladies with big opinions and lots of cash that could step up to the plate and help like Barbra Streisand, Rosie O’Donnell and Hillary Clinton.

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