Tuesday, May 08, 2007

DC Handgun Ban Decision Is “Bulletproof”

This morning the DC, US Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to grant an en-banc rehearing of their decision on the Parker gun-rights case that overturned the Washington, DC handgun ban as a violation of rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

This case may well be appealed to the United States Supreme Court and promises to have a major impact on over 20,000 laws that infringe American’s rights to keep and bear arms.

Senior Appeals Court Judge Laurence H. Silberman is the author of the solid and well-written court’s opinion that many of my lawyer friend’s have called bulletproof.

The gun rights haters claim that the Second Amendment is somehow only the right of States or only a collective right of the people. The Parker case makes it clear that the Second Amendment grants an individual right to all Americans.

The politicians in the states and cities that refused right to carry laws and banned firearms are in for some much needed changes. The law-abiding folks will have a level playing field as the Gun Free Killing Zones are eliminated as soft targets when dealing with armed criminals.


It's Not All Real said...

Bulletproof only if it doesn't go to the Supreme Court. Personally Paul, I hope the case goes to the high court.

It's time for a definitive decision from the Supreme Court acknowledging that the second amendment means just what it says. Then the gungrabbers will have to push for a repeal of the 2nd amendment. I don't believe you'll ever see that.

Anonymous said...

God Bless that judge, America not AmeriKa...Gods,Guts & Glory...
Where have you been Paul, you haven't been reading or commenting on SCC or SCS lately? Hope all is well with you,CPD is up for grabs.