Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spector Trial Bimbo Parade

The Lord only knows when some relevant evidence will be delivered to the jury that suggests that Phil Spector killed Lana Clarkson. So far only ancient and sensational conflicting claims from a peculiar assortment of former paramours of Spector have been made. Dorothy Melvin, Dianne Ogden, Stephanie Jennings, and convicted bank embezzler, Melissa Grosveror have completely derailed the trial.

None of these women had a problem sponging on Spector’s generosity or capitalizing on their new fame as heroic victims. Jennings had no problem selling her soul and salacious Spector gossip to the National Enquirer for $1000.00. One thing for sure their stories seem to get better for the prosecution with age.

These pathetic women have presented their inconsistent stories of alleged armed assault that were never ever worthy of criminal or even civil prosecution. The only thing consistent about these women is their selling out their former friend, employer or lover, Phil Spector. Trying each accusation before this jury today, long after memories have faded and the statue of limitations has expired decades ago is for one purpose only. To deny Spector a fair day in court on the matter for which he is on trial.

With all the garbage presented by prosecutor, Alan Jackson one fact remains none of the women suffered injury or death at the hands of Phil Spector. That alone makes the bimbo babbling of irrelevant and immaterial to this inquiry. The prejudicial effect of this hateful testimony may well be enormous. It does not shed any light on exactly what caused the death of Lana Clarkson.

I wonder just how long it will take for the prosecution to put on evidence that Phil Spector murdered Lana Clarkson? It really helps when you have a judge or ringmaster like Larry Paul Fidler who has no bounds when it comes to letting a prosecutor drag Phil Spector through prehistoric mud. For prosecutor, Alan Jackson, I guess the Bimbo Parade beats having no case at all.

Jackson can now count on people that know his witnesses contacting the defense attorneys and offering loads of damaging information about these bimbos.

Judge Fidler will come to regret the day he invited these bimbos in to take over his court. So will prosecutor, alan Jackson.

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Anonymous said...

as a cop ive been in Larry Paul Fidlers court. and he was fair.

too be honest, i've never heard of a man called 'phil spector' until this trial (well i wouldnt call him a man.) he's a metrosexual to say the least.

the same with koby briant (spelling). until he got arrested.

sports and celebraties are not on my priority list.

Unknown said...

Finally, someone says it right! I thought I was the only one who has eyes in this world. This trial is outrageous and should have been dismissed a long time ago, instead they are dragging this poor man through hell!
Go Phil, I pray for you!

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Let me say something good about Judge Fidler. He is a well-liked friendly, and sociable chap who bends over backwards for both sides in these trials. Personally I know many other judges that are far worse and should not be judges.

In California, letting in these very old bimbo allegations is within Fidler’s judicial discretion. Arguably Fidler could have ruled either way.

I have taken exception to the bimbos because the incidents, if they happened and if they are not exaggerated with hatred are just too remote in time to have a relation to the instant case.

We will never no the real truth about the bimbos because there were no prosecutions of verdicts either criminal or civil.

This Bimbo Parade is only a prosecutor’s sideshow taking focus of the very serious business determining if Phil Spector killed Lana Clarkson.

Inviting the jury hate Spector because some others hate him is unfair and un-American.

Unknown said...

The time is now several months since you wrote this blog.
Nothing has changed with Judge Fidler. He is most obviously pro-prosecution and is doing all he can to ensure a prosecution victory.
Fidler is so biased in this case, a mistrial is long overdue.