Friday, May 04, 2007

She’s like the ACLU, you hate her until you need her…

That’s how a copper friend describes WBBM-TV investigative reporter Pam Zekman. Zekman cut her reporting teeth at the old City News Bureau and then worked her way through both of Chicago’s daily newspapers until she found a home at WBBM.

This diminutive lady can bite as hard as the biggest bulldog. In addition to her Pulitzer-prize Zekman has amassed two DuPont-Columbia Awards, two Peabody Awards and 18 local Emmy Awards. Zekman received the 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Chicago chapter of American Women in Radio and Television and the City Club of Chicago’s 2004 John A. McDermott Award for Distinguished Social Leadership.

Okay, I’ve not been a fan of Zekman like I am of my old reporter Pal John Drummond. Zekman is sometimes way too caustic for me when she has taken Chicago cops to task on various allegations. That may well be because her wrath hits too close to home.

The up side of Pam Zekman is that she is a government watchdog on constant patrol. Keeping government honest in Chicago is an impossible task with few takers for that tough job. The quest for hard-hitting stories makes the Windy City fertile ground for a top-notch investigative newshound like Pam Zekman.


Anonymous said...

With all her awards and
"groundbreaking" reporting, she hasn't changed a thing in Chicago; its actually worse than ever.Take the PD,and forget the rest of the city.Just take a look at promotions and more importantly, the transfers to "UNITS" on the CPD. She and others like her go after Patrolguys
who've had beefs and DUIs, but not after the cloutboys who havent worked a day in their careers.
Its going to take a ballsey US Attorney w/an Infantry brigade to house all these whore, thieving pricks to change this city/county.
Zekman isnt, and hasnt done shit!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul , As a retired cop from Chicago I can remember wheh she first bit into the CPD. The Mirage scandal. Do you remember that ? Everyone of the coppers did something wrong but at that time it was common in all districs and that was the way of life on the CPD. I like you hated her but got to like her after awhile . She is only doing what she get paid for and if your DIRTY , Oh Well. I think she is a great reporter and should continue doing the same thing over and over as long as she nails the bad ones. What's your take on that ?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

In the last several decades far less resources and time have been allocated to news organizations to uncover corruption in government. That while all levels of our government grows faster than any industry. More government equals more corruption, waste and mismanagement.

To do these corruption stories you need to establish proof and penetrate the inner circles. Unlike law enforcement agencies news organization can’t offer immunity or reduced penalties for snitching. This kind of news reporting is the most difficult in the business. After corruption stories are broadcast or published often the death threats follow to reporters and their families. It’s a lot easier to be the TV station’s weatherman.

Pam Zekman and a few producers can’t do everything alone. Today most news organizations are reluctant to spend the kind of money it takes to get the job done. Government bureaucrats lock up public records from media scrutiny and the only way to get them is when news organizations file expensive lawsuits that sometimes take years to resolve. These kinds of lawsuits are no longer filed as government officials happily break the law by sealing our records from our view.

Zekman’s job is to catch government officials including cops with their pants down. You can’t really get mad at her for doing the job she was hired to do.

There is so much wrong with Chicago government that needs to be fixed. We need to support Zekman’s efforts even if that means that we give her the information and documents she needs to expose the thieves, extortionists and racketeers running the City of Chicago.

Perhaps it’s time for lower ranking cops to band together in a move to make Chicago a city known for integrity for a change. That while you try to live in a city where everyone but cops or their families get food stamps, free housing and medical care. Cops have to do what they’ve always done, work two jobs and follow their oath of office.

Anonymous said...

9:15, you and Crime File are both idiots. In the "Mirage" scandal the coppers were the only ones not on the take. Zekman and her ilk are nothing like "Bulldog" Drummond and Joe Cummings who would never hurt a copper just to hurt them. If they were dirty it was a different story.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:06
Get a life asshole ! The coppers were dirty !!