Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lana Clarkson Had Way Too Many Snakes In Her Head

Out of presence of the jury during court arguments Spector defense lawyers revealed key issues about the dead woman. A detailed summary of Lana Clarkson's mental state issues at the time of her death was exposed. The shocking material came from Clarkson's medical records, diary, writings, e-mails and from various witness statements. There is now little doubt that all of this information will be presented to the jury during this trial.

These issues came up during the L.A. County medical examiner, Dr. Louis Pena's cross-examination by Spector lawyer, Christopher Plourd. That information was kept away from the medical examiner by both cops and prosecutors until after Clarkson's death was ruled as a homicide.

It's obvious that the coroner's office dropped the ball by their failure to do a psychological autopsy on Ms. Clarkson. The Cotoner's homicide ruling was clearly crafted and controlled by the cops and prosecutors who were hiding important evidence.

1. Lana Clarkson made it clear she was considering killing herself.

2. Clarkson was unable to pay the rent at her small Venice apartment.

3. Clarkson suffered from hallucinations involving an un-named but real failed actress who killed herself with a gun.

4. Clarkson battled with alcohol and substance addiction taking 10 narcotic pills per day.

5. Clarkson was obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, had won a role playing Monroe and lost the role because of personal misconduct and hallucinations.

6. Clarkson was familiar with and fond of firearms.

7. Clarkson was deeply in debt.

8. Clarkson sought alternative psychiatric assistance for her mental health issues just before her death.

I have a simple question... Did Clarkson find an great opportunity to engineer a memorable exit at famed record producer Phil Spector's home?


Anonymous said...

Or did Spector do to Clarkson what he'd done to many other women (pull a gun on them), but went too far?

Or did Spector "snap" because he was just as, if not more, crazy than Clarkson was?

Anonymous said...

I think it's kind of sad that you feel the need to bring up these allegations about a homicide victim. What is it about this whacko guy that causes you to besmirch the integrity of the innocent victim?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Lana Clarkson's "memory" vs., a FAIR trial for Spector.

I know many Americans want to get rid of fair trials and just let cops and prosecutors decide who is guilty. Even Nazi Germany had trials for people accused of crimes.

The information about the drug use and mental condition of Lana Clarkson is the entire defense for the jury to decide. The Court-TV groupies and their message board have canonized Clarkson as a saint. Clarkson was a troubled lady obsessed with her troubling delusions. It appears Clarkson may well be an innocent victim of her own final mad act.

Too many people seem to think bringing up 30-year-old allegations that never saw a courtroom and assonating Spector’s character before a jury is somehow fair game.

Lana Clarkson was in the tough acting business that is based on rejection.

40 is the magic age where actresses stop getting work. That's when the offers come in and the pay begins to shrink. That's not fair but the reality of Hollywood.

TV's talented Lindsey Wagner from The Bionic Woman is doing mattress commercials these days because there are few roles for older women. Men on the other hand can get work until the undertakers wheel them away.

Breaking into the acting business is a form of gambling. Clarkson broke the cardinal rule that you don't give up you day job.

The Spector case only has one witness, Phil Spector who is not required to testify. What happened can only be the subject of gossip, speculation and guesswork. None of those things are proof beyond a reasonable doubt of guilt.

Our system of justice demands that we let the guilty go free rather than convict the innocent. Preservation of a fair trial system is bigger and more important than Phil Spector or Lana Clarkson.

Anonymous said...

I think Spector is a nut but also think Clarkson was a goldigger. Why the hell else did she agree to go home with this whacko?

Anonymous said...

Honey - the NUTJOBS over at Court Tv think EVERYONE is guilty -no matter what the evidence shows!

Court Tv repeatedly BANS anyone who thinks SPECTOR is not guilty and Lana Clarkson was out to get something off of Phil.

Spector's son "code name GPSpector" is over at court tv boards -garnering pity for himself .... all the while telling tales that do NO FAVOURS for the sake of his father - you know- the one on trial for murder - the father whom the son "claims to love"
note toSON- ratting out your fatherwhen yourfather is on trail for murder is NOT LOVE- itsakin to kicking a man when he is down...

People are so damn jealous of RICH AND SUCESSFUL people - bottom line... most people only look at the surface and believe what they ARE TOLDto believe, in this case by Court Tv. Shame peopledon'tactuallylook atthe evidence.

Anonymous said...

There is a reasonable doubt now, even though I don't believe that she killed herself. Why would her purse be on her shoulder? Spector's past girlfriend's testimony?

Whatever the situation is, I wouldn't feel bad if Spector spent his last days in prison simply for terrorizing women and others with firearms.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Anonymous said... There is a reasonable doubt now, even though I don't believe that she killed herself. Why would her purse be on her shoulder?

She was ready to go and then was hit with a sudden realization that her life was not going to get any better. Here she was reduced to giving a blowjob to a weird dwarf who had everything she wanted while she had nothing and could see no future except a low paying job. That's enough to depress anyone. This way she went out in a blaze of glory instead of as a sad footnote in the paper.

Anonymous said... Whatever the situation is, I wouldn't feel bad if Spector spent his last days in prison simply for terrorizing women and others with firearms.

Then charge him with that and prove it in a court of law. Injustice and revenge are no substitute for real justice.