Friday, August 11, 2006

TSA’s War On Airline Passengers with video...

Have you had enough? If not, don’t worry you will very soon. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) patronage hacks are dreaming up new torture just for you!

Nobody in their right mind would take a commercial flight anywhere today unless they had no other choice. Taking a commercial flight now has all the glamour of flying via Con-Air. Con-Air is the nickname for the government fleet that hauls prisoners around the country. There is also a private prison version of Con-Air.

There are loads of people too frightened to fly and many more people like me that hate the degradation of being treated like a prison inmate by people with fewer credentials then that of prison guards.

How can the commercial airlines survive? This latest blow came not from terrorists, but our government’s response to a terror plot in the UK that was never hatched. The damage done yesterday is beyond repair. Chalk up yet another victory for Arab terrorists and their allies, our very own TSA.

The only winner of TSA’s, War On Passengers, is General Aviation. That’s where the wealthy must now go for humane passenger treatment. When you start your trip at places like the Santa Monica Airport you won’t find yourself on the wrong side of the security line unless you’re not a paying customer. Nobody is going, prod you with their hand held metal detector, demand you take off your shoes or surrender your lip-gloss. What you will get is star treatment.

The TSA will only get worse.

How much? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. No they won’t accept your debit card!
You have two options that perhaps this video will help you choose.


Anonymous said...

No Rightguard, Leftguard or mouthwash? Yuk! I'm not flying with you smelly bastards!

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that the TSA is not on the side of Americans. They are not my friend.

Paul, you're right when you say all cops should fly with their sidearms. That make sense.

Anonymous said...

look at your colleagues! how many are the howdy doody types?

MANY! I work with a few myself!!!!

Anonymous said...

This video is absolutely HILARIOUS! I practically shit myself after watching it! BRAVO!!!

Anonymous said...

The Police Officers seem like they are doing a great job, although i cant stand the TSA myself.