Sunday, August 20, 2006

Restraint Tools For Prisoners On Airlines.

Airlines prohibit police from transporting prisoners handcuffed. To keep prisoners under control they use a leg brace on the prisoner underneath his or her pants. They can also use a locking shock belt under the prisoner’s shirt remotely controlled by officers escorting the prisoner.

It’s highly unlikely that one or both of these devices were not used on John Mark Karr for the trip from Bangkok to Los Angeles.

Leg Brace Link

Shock Belt Link


Anonymous said...

Why is it that American law enforcement agencies seem to have to go to such lengths to restraint prisoners when European countries do not? Are American prisoners so much more likely to try to escape or maybe Americans just like humiliating them much more in public?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

This is always done for public safety. The officer, the arrestee and innocents amy be killed or injured during escape attempts.

Anonymous said...

you're suppose to be a super sleuth, then you would know that the subject isn't in custody until he reaches the US. He is merely deported on a revoked visa, didn't you ever have a case like this in the wonderful Area 6.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I never had the pleasure to work in Area 6. I never was assigned international cases as a beat copper in 012. I had far more important assignments like traffic control for snow removal. I always refused those trips to Thailand because Business Class was beneath my dignity!