Thursday, August 10, 2006

TSA Is In A State Of Siege Today.

My pity goes out to anyone who has to fly today. The TSA will be in NASTY MODE as they ransack your luggage and belongings like Viking warriors. Self-importance of the little airport Nazis will be in overdrive in response to the latest sensational United Kingdom terrorist plot. Why do I fear the TSA screening gauntlet more than any terrorist?

Expect the body cavity searchers to begin. Do you know how much explosive can be carried in human body cavities? The answer for those that don’t know, enough explosives to bring down a 747 can be hidden inside any woman.

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Anonymous said...

I had a mini-vacation a week ago. Flew from IL to NC and back. My one piece of checked baggage was rifled through by TSA (most likely in Chicago) and they left their calling card in the suitcase. Anything I value, I keep in my carry on. It pissed me off a bit, but what the have to do something. On the way back, again at O'Hare, they had 4 hours to rifle the luggage and still managed to put it on the wrong plane out. The only 'issue' I can say we had was once in O'Hare, we were 'put in our place' because we didn't put the laptop into it's own tray for the X-ray machine. Funny no other airport had required that the computer 'ride alone' and there are no signs to tell the unsuspecting. Either way, it's a no win situation. You have to go through the motions but there really is no way to stop someone who is determined from getting illegal items/substances onto a plane. People need to just accept that there is a risk involved. If you're not willing to take the risk and be responsible for yourself, don't travel!!