Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Law Enforcement Sikhs Turbans And Terrorism Video

For more than 35 years I’ve been close to a Sikh family that emigrated from India and continued here. The family name is Singh, which does not provide much information since all Sikhs are named Singh. Sikhs have demonstrated their discipline, bravery and loyalty in various military units throughout the world. I actually met a U.S. Army (Indian born) Sikh drafted just like me in 1969 who was allowed to wear his turban while assigned as a medic. He made sergeant really quick.

Sikhs only make up three percent of the India population and are one of the more peaceful cultures in the world. The men are not supposed shave or cut their hair. They must wear turbans, a bracelet, called a kara and they are also supposed to always carry a dagger called a Kirpan. The Kirpan is in conflict with many weapons laws throughout this country. I’m really not sure why since I’d always trust a Sikh I’ve never met before, any day over a strange American.

I’ve had the great fortune to be a guest in India and have seen much more than American tourists ever do in that emerging and productive country.

The infamous events of 9-11 have brought disgrace on some turbans, but not the Sikh turban. Since the Sikh religion began 600 years ago the Muslims have targeted the Sikhs for murder and torture. Sikhs are truly a kind and peaceful group that deserve our protection and friendship. The Sikh turban is different than those we’ve seen on the heads of Arab terrorists.

This short video shows some of the problems in New York City.

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Anonymous said...

An enemy of ANY muslim is a friend of mine. I didn't know about this but thanks for the info. I will view them now in a different light.