Saturday, August 05, 2006

I Played My Last Slot Machine

I’ve never been much of a gambler. I don’t think I’ve ever risked more than $110.00 on games or slot machines. When in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or the Indian gaming casinos I would give in to the temptation of watching the coins in my pocket disappear into those, hypnotic one-armed bandits. The sound of the coins dropping into the machine’s payout bowl makes great for music and excitement.

In case you don’t know as of a couple years ago, all of the gambling Mecca’s slot machines have gone to the new IRS friendly paper system. That’s right! No more sound of the coins dancing in and out of the Machines. The thrill is all gone for me and I thank the casinos for helping me keep my coins at times when I’m stuck in the Las Vegas airport.

I’m really glad the wage grabbing IRS can get their money from the fools redeeming their winning vouchers. I just don’t play anymore…

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