Thursday, August 17, 2006

Prime Time Confessions

What’s this really about?

I’m convinced that John Mark Karr is a nut job and not a killer. Karr is apparently obsessed with children and their murders. I watched with amazement as Karr dryly tells the international media, “I was with Jonbenet when she died." and, "It was an accident.” That sound bite is beyond belief.

My prediction is that Karr will be behind bars for several months and never match the DNA sample or be implicated by any physical evidence.

Karr’s history as a second grade teacher, kiddieporn aficionado and Thailand sex tourist makes him a prime candidate.

Sexually assaulting and killing Jonbenet Ramsey would give a twisted pedophile the highest status among the other freaks of similar ilk. Is Karr bragging to claim the status to impress other pedophiles? If John Mark Karr was starving for attention he’s in store for a lot more than his 15 minutes of fame.

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leomemorial said...

I don't have children and wouldn't even let this creep watch my cat.