Sunday, February 19, 2012

Women, Sensible Shoes and Shooting!

Phoenix, AZ—As a firearms instructor I’ve learned that women who dress every day in elegant clothing go to the range in jeans and sneakers.

I understand the need for comfort and that shooting tends to sometimes get a little dirty but for the fashion plates the sensible shoes must go.

If everyday attire is dresses, skirts and high heels than that’s the way you should be shooting.

There are serious issues of stance and balance for shooters. If you you’re not training and practicing in the shoes you wear every day you’re asking for failure. You can’t afford to suddenly deal with your heels.

Kicking off the heels and shooting barefoot requires your focus to change and precious time. Additionally there are other reasons not to engage in armed combat while barefooted.

Women that wear heels regularly have great balance and can even run in them surprisingly well. Would the same elegant women skip wearing the heels on the dance floor? Not on a bet.

I’d rather see well-dressed women capable of defending themselves any day than the alternative.

It’s really quite simple, you should wear those heels to the range. The same is true for the women that wear heels part-time.

Be fashionable, but prepared, well armed and trained. It may save your life.

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Duchess of Hackney said...

You know I never thought of it, but it makes a helluva lot of sense.