Friday, February 03, 2012

Arrests Made In Paradise Valley Shapiro Murders and Arson

Town of Paradise Valley, AZ-I called it right when I said last night that the cops avoidance of the media was a sure sign they were moving in on suspects. The cops only go to the media when they need to reach out for tips and information. Of course they need to announce their victorious arrests on high profile cases.

Sometime this morning the town’s council members and mayor were buzzing about the developments in this horrific and gruesome crime. It's all very unofficial right now.

Reportedly they have at least three unidentified suspects in custody in connection with the murders. That information was passed on to neighbors by the town's mayor and at least one council member.

If this is indeed true police would are putting the finishing touches on their investigation in preparation of a Probable Cause Statement for court booking purposes.

The evidentry keys here are service of search warrants and the recovery of property taken from the Shapiros along with credit card transactions. Of course most suspects let loose in the interrogation rooms either through confession or lies to hang themselves.

Calls and e-mails to the town police department have yet to be returned.

I expect they’ll have a formal press conference to announce the arrests. Right now we’re waiting for that to happen.

We can only hope that the officers and investigators of this small department have learned from past disasters along with the expensive litigation that followed. Perhaps this time they will get it right.

Update: It’s 8:00 PM in Arizona and they have not officially announced the arrests. Perhaps there are other outstanding suspects being sought. In any event they must get anyone in custody in front of a judge or let them go.

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