Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Expect a Homeland Security Recruiting Drive.

Washington, DC—No, it’s not for border protection! The Obama Administration wants to build a force of people loyal to their ideals rather than the Constitution.

They have already created a massive force out of unemployable losers called the TSA.

They are quietly expanding GSA Federal building security operations (Federal Protective Service) and their areas of responsibility. These are not traditional cops but sub-standard security guards with substantially fewer qualifications or basic intelligence. There traditional duties are guarding government pencils and making sure federal workers left coffee pots unplugged. The GSA has been given more money, power and equipment in the ever growing federal monster.

The FPS have the title of police however, their actual powers were always limited because of their minimal responsibility. That’s rapidly changing. On October 28, 2009, Barack Obama, signed legislation which effectively transferred the Federal Protective Service to the dreaded Homeland Security under control of that Nazi bitch Janet Napolitano.

They are being told that they are preparing for major insurrections and must protect government real estate. Even the FPS workers don’t have the real picture.

Homeland Security is expanding the FPS to shutdown the anti-Obama dissention or resistance. They will be rounding up people like Alex Jones, Michael Savage and Glen Beck along with their followers.

They will be using the NDAA to intern members of resistance without trial, lawyers, or due process.

Obama and his minions knows that the moment that they move against a few high profile dissenters it will stop cold nearly anyone else from such speech activities. That’s the human condition demonstrated over and over by despotic governments.

Many FPS workers are already sporting the bucket helmets, body armor, jackboots and automatic weapons. They are also the choice to guard detention camps. They were the choice to guard Cuban refuges detained after escaping Castro's Socialist police state.

The recruiters will be targeting recently unemployed military veterans desperate for jobs in today’s disastrous economy. Will they trade their values for a steady paycheck?

Will American’s step back from their IPhones, IPads and Xbox controllers long enough to stop this attack? Obama is betting they won’t as he finishes the destruction of the American Constitution.


Anonymous said...

Join the 3%.

delicious Kool Aid said...

The security state will be the last bubble in Das Homeland. All the basket weaving and diversity study degrees the me me me generation wasted time and money on have zero application in the 9 to 5 world so they will sign right up for the tourist suppression agency and any other government jobs. The obama jugend brownshirts are inside the McHealthcare bill if you are a masochist and can read through it you'll find it. An absolutely glorious future awaits comrades.