Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Paradise Valley Cops Arrest Five Suspects for Shapiro Murders

Town of Paradise Valley, AZ Police Chief John Bennett announced the arrests of five suspects in connection with the gruesome murders of Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro.

Bennett identified the suspect as:
Michael Lee Crane, 31
Brittnay Beinhauer, 29
Kelly Steward, 29
Shawn Nicloy, 29
Danielle Rossman, 26

Michael Crane is charged with two counts of First Degree Murder, two counts of Armed Robbery, two counts of Kidnapping, one count each for Burglary and Arson. Others are charged with offenses from Hindering Prosecution to or including, Trafficking in Stolen Property

Crane is an ex-convict serving time for drugs, weapons violations and promoting prison contraband,

Every one of the suspects has a criminal history.

Police said they have no evidence that the Shapiro’s were specifically targeted. Police also say they recovered property and the murder weapon. For now we must guess on just who snitched breaking this case.

You will find court documents posted here as soon as they become available.


Anonymous said...

You know what is crazy, they have two sons who are criminal defense attorneys, who if this was anyone else parent(s) or loved ones, their boys would be trying as hard as they could to get these VERY SAME monsters OFF on a plea deal and back on the street ASAP and lie their butts off like all defense attorneys do. Don't feel so good now when it is YOUR family member(s) who is brutally murdered does it now counselor? Maybe you two can give their legal-eagle public defenders some pointers. I feel sorry for the daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Shapiro, but I sure as hell don't for their sons, because if this was ANYBODY else who was murdered beside their family members, they would be trying as hard as could be to get the knowingly guilty murdering scum back on the streets and off on a technicality ASAP to victimize MORE innocent people. Moreover, they would not even give it a second thought. Karma is a bitch.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I’d hold off judgment on any case developed by Paradise Valley police. Their track record for major cases is the worst anywhere.

Lee is an ex-convict and a good candidate. The others were not linked to being at the crime scene but were in possession of the hot goods.

Anonymous said...

You know what is crazy, when ignorance runs the mouth like a 12 year old. Two people are murdered, they have families and grandkids. Sounds like you have enough anger that it might turn into something like the 5 fugitives, and you will be in prison also if you don't change. Get the poison out of your system son and growup.