Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let The Conspiracy Stories About Whitney’s Death Begin!

Beverly Hills, CA--It’s inevitable that whispers of murder and cover up will surround Whitney Houston’s untimely death.

There were rumors of a huge debt owed to drug dealers. Houston also had monumental drug fueled relationship problems.

I’d like to think Houston was worth more to the parasites of her inner circle alive than dead.

Was this an accidental overdose, drowning or combination of both? Do we have yet another case of a physician prescribing whatever Houston wanted for a big fat paycheck? I'm sure we will hear the name of her personal doctor tossed around.

It will take up to six weeks before officials will know just what chemicals were in Houston’s blood and organs. Just how they got there will be another source of speculation.

There will be telltale signs like needle marks and irritation of nasal passages odors connected detected on her clothing and body.

Cops and the medical examiner will be looking for signs of a struggle or injuries on the singer. The red flag of little blood spots in the whites of Houston’s eyes would quickly alert cops of strangulation if that were the case.

A drowning in absence of drug or alcohol intoxication would send homicide rumors into overdrive. However the truth is that accidental falling in bathtubs and showers do kill even young and healthy people.

Cops reportedly told the press that no illegal drugs were found at the scene. That does not answer questions about paraphernalia commonly used to prepare or consume those poisons.

The odds are beyond overwhelming that Houston was juiced up on drugs based on her public appearance and behavior in the preceding hours and days before her demise.

If illegal drugs are found in Houston’s body and none were found in her hotel room it becomes obvious that somebody did some cleaning before the cops could respond to the scene.

Prescription drug abuse or mixture with alcohol could be just as dangerous as any common street drugs.

The only truth we can bank upon is that there will forever be more questions than answers about this woman’s death that will live on long after she’s laid to rest.


Anonymous said...

Drew Peterson did it again!

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Anonymous said...

A Cautionary Tale:

A little booze, a little Xanax. Maybe that other "prescription" drug was Vicodin or coke.

An associate mixed that same toxic cocktail and lived to tell about it.

Sort of.

Houston's family should consider themselves lucky, she could have wound up like a human potted plant like my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul

I heard a name similar to yours if not yours on KFI news today about handing stuff over to FBI. Are you one and the same?????

Happy New Year for 2013 &

Unhappy New Crime Files!

Be Safe Paul - in this land of 300 million guns, and a Bill of Rights that is vanishing...if it hasn't vanished already.

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International Press comes Full Circle