Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is the Teleprompter President Also An Enemy Foreign Agent?

Washington, DC—He is never without his teleprompter and that leads me to ask, who’s pulling the strings on this puppet? We know that many millions of dollars contributed to his campaign came from foreign lands.

Barack Obama’s citizenship has never been vetted and strong evidence including a statement from his own grandmother shows he was born in Kenya, Africa. There are several lawsuits and a military Court’s Martial pending to learn the truth of Obama’s qualification or lack thereof to be President.

There are too many questions many Americans have about just whose running this country right now. Those pulling the strings are obviously on a fast track to destroy our economy, system of government and way of life. These people can’t really be that dumb or reckless. There has to be a Communist conspiracy behind the destruction of America. They know just what they are doing and the results are only too predictable.

When Obama’s checks bounce and they will we will have huge civil unrest to deal with. When will Obama summon help from UN troops and multi-national Communist troops for our safety?

Will we survive the two years it will take to clean the Communists from our House of Representatives during the 2010 election? Will they use disturbances as an excuse to cancel the election?

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Anonymous said...

The annointed one wears a blue turban.