Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beating The Bail Bondsman

Looking at Lindsey Lohan’s latest arrest warrant legal troubles I decided to inform the less affluent working man or woman living in a failing economy a way to beat overblown and impossible bail settings on arrest warrants.

I hope you, or a family member or friend will never have to resort to this method but if you find yourself in a jam this will help. I see lots of arrests for various new Obama inspired gun bans on the horizon.

First determine what court, judge, and case number is involved with the warrant. That may require a phone call to the prosecutor’s office or the court clerk. Prepare a written, “Emergency Motion for Release on Own Recognizance or reduced Bail.” The motion should state how long you lived in the community and you’ve never failed to appear in any court. Further you should state that you are anxious to prove your innocence without going into any facts surrounding the case.

Bring your motion and two copies to the courtroom of the judge that issued the warrant early in the morning. Waiting until late in the day may give the court time problems and little choice but to allow your incarceration.

The clerk will call your case and you tell the judge you will use whatever bail money you saved to hire a lawyer. You can always ask for a public defender at your next court date.

By doing this you will have proven to the court that you’re not a flight risk and can be trusted to appear in court. You probably will beat the expenditure of thousands of dollars and some very nasty pre-trial jail confinement.

Here is a sample motion for you:
Bail Motion

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