Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Convicted Of Killing First Wife, Ex-Con Murders Second and Step-son!

Wilmette, IL—In the Land of Obama justice is strange. A man defending his home with a gun is put through Hell. A man who murders his wife and after conviction and a short prison stretch gets another chance to marry and murder yet another wife.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry learning about this case. Of course we must remember that Illinois has some of the most restrictive and miserable gun laws in America. As always, those laws only affect law-abiding people.

In this well-heeled community police discovered that a convicted wife killer, 54-year-old Richard Wiley murdered his second wife, 50-year-old Kathy Wiley-Motes and his stepson 17-year-old Christopher Motes before turning the working Civil War replica gun on himself.

WLS-TV’s enterprising reporter and various Wilmette neighbors can’t seem to figure out why this crime occurred are they really all that stupid?

There is more here.

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