Sunday, March 29, 2009

Could A Conservative Republican Mayor be Elected In Chicago?

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Chicago, IL—Impossible you say? Not really, the city is such a total mess right now it could be the only hope.

Imagine a new mayor who will offer two thirds reductions on taxes while ripping out those extortionate parking meters to bring needed businesses back into the city?

Imagine a mayor who will lower sales taxes below the suburban areas to bring new shoppers, life and wealth into this once great city?

How about a mayor who would allow a developer to bring back a larger and better Meigs Field Airport to the lakefront and the revenue it once generated?

How about a mayor dedicated to seeing all of Chicago’s dangerous, slums civilized and gentrified.

How about a mayor that would facilitate the return of horses and affordable stables to the Chicago Park District?

How about a mayor that would offer significant financial incentives to film makers so they locate or bring their business and jobs to the city? (I know one film I want to make in the Windy City!)

How about a Mayor looking for every possible way to reduce taxes and make Chicago a good value as a city rather than the Socialist Hell it’s become.

How about a mayor that would return a larger and better Lincoln Park Gun Club to the Lakefront?

How about a Mayor that would encourage concealed weapons permits for the law-abiding making Chicago hostile to muggers, rapists and killers?

How about a mayor who will dismantle the worthless and expensive city gun registration system duplicated by the state firearm licence required of all gun owners?

It’s time for a mayor that will return Chicago to its rightful place as the City of Broad Shoulders poet Carl Sandberg wrote about.

It could happen! He or she should be Conservative, young, vital and look good on Youtube!

If this happened Chicago would be the greatest city in the world!


Anonymous said...

Don't tease us with visions of a Chicago that actually makes sense. Until Daley and his cronies are voted out of office this scenario will never happen.

Anonymous said...

It would casue an Irish Welfare revolution.

Anonymous said...

And then I woke up!!!!!!!!!! If this happened I would move my happy ass all the way back up to Chicago!!!! The best town in the world, run by the most corrupt criminals in the world, just look at our POTUS, he is the posterchild for Chicago!

Thanks for almost giving me a wet dream. Lets see what the election brings.

Anonymous said...

The minorities will not vote for a Republican. The yuppies will not vote for a Republican. And there are not enough of us sensible people left to elect a Republican.

Anonymous said...

This will happen when the stars burn out.

Anonymous said...

Why would the person need to be a Republican...especially given the idiots in the R party like Andy McKenna and those in the Chicago GOP and Cook County GOP who idolize him.

Want to change Chicago? Bring changes to the public without the political name tag.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

They always look for a sacrificial lamb that nobody takes serious to run against the Daley/Burke Machine. Now’s the time to get serious and offer a real candidate with a real platform that will bring jobs to Chicago instead of more food stamps.

Anonymous said...

Who in the Chicago GOP worships Andy McKenna?

That guy only gets off his worthless a-- when it threatens his job (like now with SB 600).

The Republicans in Chicago know that and if the Democrats succeed in allowing popular elections for the state chairman, the real winner is the Chicago GOP, who will have a chance to become more important than the Illinois Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

I thought Daley was a Republican in drag. His M.O. is classic GOP. Privatize everything and close the bars. Not to mention give big business welfare like the developers and the TIF money. What could be more Republican than selling the parking meters to tax the poor to feed the rich?

If the suburbs didn't suck so damn bad, I'd consider moving too. The suburbs are good for one thing, raising a family (and not all are good for that!). If you're single, forget it.